How to style a t-shirt with a blazer – men’s guide

Can anyone style a blazer with a t-shirt and not look outdated? Yes! You can rock your favorite tee with a blazer and look uber chic!

Blazer and a tshirt combination showcase a perfect balance between casuals and formals. When you don’t want to go overboard but dress up nicely, toss a blazer over your shirt, and you are ready to slay.

At present, blazers aren’t just for the officials, but guys anywhere can flaunt it with style. People are going gaga over it and wearing it for occasions like parties, destination weddings, and more. Also, you can nail a casual look with it, considering its pattern, color, style as well as fitting.

There are various types of blazers, from trendy to chic, modern to minimal available in the market. They come in the perfect length, well-fitted, and perfect color combinations. A bit of consideration, and you will get a memorable appearance when styling it!

So, let’s get into the styling tips. Here is how you can style a simple t-shirt with a blazer —

Blazer + t-shirt + chinos

Styling a blazer atop a pair of chinos is the classic way to rock this look. It’s not only minimal but also refreshing than carrying a heavy suit look around.

When it’s summer, and you have no other option but to look dapper for a semi-formal event, go for this look.

Throw in a crew neck t-shirt instead of a regular shirt to feel comfy all day.

Blazer + V-neck t-shirt + chinos/trousers

When you want to look dapper and professional, throw in a V-neck t-shirt that renders a crisp look. V-neck t-shirts are ideal for office meets or events that aren’t too formal. Wear boat shoes or espadrilles to finish off your look.

Blazer + a graphic t-shirt + denim shorts

Are you planning to accompany your friends to a pool party? Summer is the right time to enjoy splashes of water with close ones at a pool party. So, to look event-ready, we have some suggestions for you.

Wear a lightweight blazer with a funny shirt. Choose denim shorts instead of chinos or trousers for a gush of freshness. As the look is easy-breezy, instead of shoes, you can wear slippers.

There are hundreds of funny tshirts available in the markset. Go for the one that showcases your humorous side.

Blazer + denim + t-shirt + scarf

When you want to redefine the contemporary style, add a scarf with your blazer. A scarf with a t-shirt over a pair of denim looks chic. You can style the scarf in so many ways for a crisp appearance that won’t go unnoticed.

Wear a polo t shirt with your blazer

As we said earlier, a blazer isn’t only limited to shirts. You can style it with different types of t-shirts for that refreshing look! When you’re going to be a part of events or parties, pull off a genuinely captivating look with a smart polo t-shirt and blazer. Wearing a polo t-shirt with a blazer and jeans adds to your appeal.

Visit sites like PrintShop by Designhill, Spreadshirt, or others for quality polo t-shirts.

Types of blazers to choose from

Before you get ready and throw on a blazer, knowing its fabrics will help you in the long run. Here, we have put together a list of blazers that you can style on different occasions. Let’s take a look —

Go for cotton blazers when you want to look casual.

There are varieties of fabrics available when it comes to blazers. Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics. It renders a cool and comfortable look. Be it a casual meeting or casual gathering; you can nail the look with a cotton blazer. You can pair it with shirts or amazing t shirts, the choice is all yours. Consider chinos or a pair of denim for a cool casual look.

Pick a woolen blazer to beat the winter blues.

When you live in an area that sees minimum temperature, men’s woolen blazers come as a handy fashion ensemble. You can go with colors like brown, black, grey, and other dark shades that look great in woolen blazers. Wear them with chinos or denim, and don’t forget to complement your looks with boots or sneakers.

Go uber cool with a linen blazer

A recent trend is on among men for lightweight and crushed blazers. Linen is the only fabric that you can choose for the same. To look casually brilliant, go for a lightweight, breezy linen fabric blazer. Choose pastel, neutrals, and light colors for a memorable appearance.

Accessories that go well with a blazer

You dressed well, but you haven’t accessorized right means you lack the finishing touch. You can’t have a stylish look without stepping into the right footwear. Choose brogues, loafers, sneakers, and oxfords to complement your look.

Now, let’s come to the watches. For men’s watches, make a stylish accessory. Go for any wristwatch such as digital, analog, dress watch, or plain watch.

Printed blazers with checks, floral patterns, and tiny motives look uber cool at parties. You can style them with various t shirt designs to show off your manly fashion sense. You might have seen such patterns on runways, which have become a common name in a streamlined fashion.

Last but not least, the most crucial factor for a dapper look is your hairstyle. Choose hairstyles according to your suitability and the occasion.

Just keep these handy tips in mind and be ready to flaunt a blazing blazer style this season!

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