How to Start Career in Cloud with Azure Certification 

Cloud is the new charm of the IT world, with every company running to make its servers cloud-based. Not just that, an increasing number of graduates are now looking to pursue an online course in the cloud, irrespective of whether they graduated in the Computer Science domain or not. These students are looking for online certificate courses, which can equip them with the mandatory skills required.

This increasing trend mainly owes to the growing market value of the cloud sector, which in turn promises better prospects. The cloud computing sector, currently valued at roughly $250 billion in 2021, is expected to touch the $800 billion mark by 2028—[Source: Fortune Business Insights].

For those planning to enter the market soon enough, the best options include courses like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure certification, and Google’s GCP course. Most of these courses are offered online free of cost by reputed websites, while some come with appropriate fees.

However, before you get directly to how to join such a course, it is also imperative to be aware of what cloud computing is and what it leads to.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is one of the latest trending technological advancements in the IT world, which allows you to store your resources directly on the Internet. This is a better alternative to local servers, which occupy space as well as cost huge amounts.

By storing your data and resources on cloud-based servers, you get the flexibility of accessing them from anywhere at any time. You can also share these resources with anyone you want by simply giving them access to your files. Cloud computing has turned out to be helpful in COVID times, as it helped in easy resource mobilization at a time when everyone is working from home.

There are three most popular cloud server platforms, namely:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), offered by Amazon
  • Azure, offered by Microsoft
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google

All these 3 are big names in the IT world, thus offering your files better trust and security features. Amongst all of these, Microsoft Azure is most popular among top-notch companies. Almost 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure for their cloud services, as mentioned by Microsoft itself. This is a chief reason most students want to learn Azure, as that offers better and lucrative career options.

Why Do Fortune 500 Companies Use Azure?

Some of the key benefits offered by Azure which attract so many top-notch companies, are listed below.

  • Azure offers higher speed than other cloud servers and bases its outputs on automated processing.
  • Azure provides enhanced flexibility to users through its scalable and straightforward models.
  • The entire pipeline from source to final disposal runs in one single environment.
  • Azure has excellent data recovery tools, thus offering you good backup in case things go wrong.
  • Coming from the house of Windows itself, Azure offers much better security, which is what Fortune 500 companies need.

Microsoft Azure has been offering services in 3 common ways:

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

How to Start a Career in Azure Cloud Service?

Various online certificate courses can help you to pursue training in Azure cloud services. The best option is to choose courses from popular providers like Simplilearn, Coursera, Udemy, etc., which offer you proper grooming in the required skills. Tabulated below are some of the popular Azure Cloud certification courses, which can be pursued from the comfort of your home.

Course Name Course Provider Fees
Azure Cloud Architect Certification course Simplilearn ₹44,999
Azure Training Intellipaat ₹19,323
Microsoft Azure course Besant Technologies ₹24,999
Microsoft AZ-304 certification Udemy ₹455
Azure Training Course Greens Technologys ₹13,000

What are the Topics Covered in Microsoft Azure Certification Course?

The topics covered vary from course to course and instructor to instructor. However, the overall learning remains the same as all of you are preparing for the same industry. The table below gives some insights into the common syllabus followed for a typical Microsoft Azure certification course.

Basic Fundamentals
Cloud Concepts Core Azure Services
Security and Privacy Pricing and Support
Architect Technologies (AZ-303)
Implement and Monitoring the Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions
Azure Solutions for Apps Implementing and Managing Data Platforms
Architect Design (AZ-304)
Design Monitoring Design Identity and Security
Design Data Storage Design Business Continuity

What are the Skills Expected from an Azure Professional?

Listed below are the essential skills which are required in a cloud professional, especially for Azure roles.

  • Since Azure offers all three services, it is essential to know about Iaas, Paas, and Saas.
  • You should have good experience in managing databases and in SQL.
  • Candidates should also know common programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and other script languages.
  • It is also essential to manage different operating systems (OS) like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS, Fedora, etc.
  • Azure candidates should also have knowledge related to networking and concepts like IP addresses, DNS, HTTPS, TCP/UDP communication, etc.
  • Additional knowledge of Routers, Firewalls, etc. is appreciated.
  • Though Microsoft offers good security patches, cybercrimes are on the rise; therefore, candidates should also have skills in the cyber security domain.

These were some core skills. In addition to these, candidates should also be equipped with specific soft skills like Business Acumen, Communication, Persuasion skills, Team Management, and Leadership skills.

What are the Common Azure Architect Job Roles?

Job Name Average Salary
Azure Cloud Architect $119,487
Cloud Administrator $67,467
Cloud DevOps Engineer $100,821
Azure Big Data Specialist $84,955
Azure Networking Specialist $54,236
IaaS Cloud Operations Engineer $81,325

 For a candidate planning to enter this field, it would be enough in the initial stages to focus on this much terminology and data related to Azure. The domain is big, and you will learn things gradually. At the present moment, your focus should be on choosing a proper online certificate course that offers you the best skills. So don’t wait anymore, and enroll in an Azure certification now!

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