How to spend your spare time in California? 5 Things to do

Sometimes sudden changes in lives lead to the availability of more spare time. Naturally, you need to make the utmost of this period of free time. Also, filling up your free time with important pursuits can benefit you in several ways. Pursuing useful pursuits during spare time increases your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity and also provides you with a sense of fulfillment.

There is so much you can do to spend your spare time, like take up a new hobby, learn a new language, volunteer with some local groups, or do anything you always wanted to do but never had the free time for.

However, choosing the right pursuit during your spare time can be challenging, especially when you live in California, a city well-known for sandy beaches, sunny lifestyle, natural beauty, and outdoor activities.

In persuasion, here we have curated the most useful pursuits you can select to spend your spare time in California. Read on!

5 things to do to spend spare time in California

1. Take up gardening

Undoubtedly, gardening is a great activity to spend your leisure time doing. You can use this opportunity to grow food using your hands for your loved ones. You can start gardening by growing herbs, to begin with, as these plants are the easiest and most fun to grow. You can even use them in your cooking or crafts.

In addition, there are cacti plants which are amazing, and they bear gorgeous flowers on them. So, it would be the best plant to begin your gardening passion with.

In case you are an experienced gardener, redesigning the existing garden or changing the approach for what to grow could be the right thing for you to pass your free time.

2. Take up a community college class or an adult education.

This leisure time is the right opportunity to attain knowledge that has no direct link with your current job or career progression. Focus simply on learning new things and not pressure yourself to achieve beyond goals. Immerse yourself in learning new courses and never set boundaries for yourself.

For instance, you always wanted to learn archeology, ballroom dancing, hang-gliding, wilderness first aid, jewelry making, or jewelry making. In addition, you can even pursue your dream to learn flower arrangements in California. No doubt, this is the right time to take a step further and learn these skills.

3. Turn cooking into a fun activity.

Cooking is often a necessity rather than a pleasure. However, when you cook new recipes, this indeed is a great way to pass free time. This provides pleasure, and you no longer take it as a necessity. You only need to pull out a cookbook and try out the interesting and fun recipes.

You can even first look into your fridge and kitchen and then search for recipes online that are made using the ingredients available to you immediately.

How about spending an afternoon baking or trying out new tips and tricks you have never attempted.

The moment you master some mouthwatering recipes, it is the right time to throw a dinner party for your loved ones.

4. Learn a new language

Learning a new language engages your mind during your spare time. In addition, you get to understand and appreciate foreign cultures and know different parts of the world.

You can pick a language-acquisition book online or from your local library. In addition, watching movies, TV shows, or running magazines is a great way to learn a new language.

5. Take drawing or painting as a hobby.

Immersing yourself in painting or drawing is a great way to express yourself while learning a new skill. Undoubtedly, it is a great way to pass your spare time.

You can try out a range of paintings using acrylics, inks, oils, pastels, spray paints, watercolors, or enamels. In case draws sound more interesting than you need a sketch pad and some charcoal, you are good to go.


There is a range of activities, skills, or hobbies that you can take up during your spare time to spend while immersing yourself in learning something creative. The list mentioned above of activities will guide you to choose the one activity that best suits your personal need, likings, and interests.

So, take up an activity that interests you the most and spend your spare time doing something creative in California.

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