How To Sign Up For Multiple WhatsApp Accounts With Fake Numbers

Being able to use several accounts on WhatsApp at once is essential for many people these days. However, not every one of them has the opportunity to own multiple phone numbers which are necessary to verify each profile. This situation causes difficulties for a lot of users. But there is no more real reason at all to worry about it. Thanks to appropriate websites and applications, today anyone can sign up for as many accounts on WhatsApp as needed. It is possible with such a feature as a fake phone number for verification.

Reasons to create multiple accounts on WhatsApp

Creating several profile pages on the same platform makes sense in the case of literally any internet resource. This is also pretty true even for such a well-known platform as WhatsApp. In case of this application going that way is useful when there is a need to:

  • Separate personal and work correspondence. It is definitely not the best idea to use one account for receiving all the possible messages. Using different profiles for each task brings much more convenience. 
  • Send out bulk messages. There is nothing wrong with operating WhatsApp in order to draw the attention of potential customers. But it is not possible to do this on a large scale without having multiple accounts at least because there is always a possibility of the main profile getting blocked.
  • Share rumors. First and foremost this process is about remaining anonymous. So it is recommended to spread gossip with another profile that will be designed as a fake one.

Having multiple accounts on WhatsApp is also a good decision when it is necessary to run different group projects with more convenience and avoid things getting messed up. So there are plenty of purposes and each of them can be achieved with only one and the same thing.

Fake numbers as an effective solution

Initially, fake phone numbers were used only to make or receive calls and text messages from other people. But over time this situation has changed dramatically. These days there are much more use cases for fake numbers which among other things can also be used for registration on various websites and online applications.

Each such number is designed to receive nothing else except a verification code from a certain online service according to the latest SMS template which is attached to it. So it is not only good at bypassing OTP but also quite cheap because of its single-purpose use. Price per one number of this kind most often stays about a few tens of cents and rarely exceeds this mark. But the most important thing is that this feature is also available for registering accounts on WhatsApp.

Getting fake phone number for WhatsApp

Every internet user can easily get this task done as nowadays there are many reliable providers available on the internet such as the virtual telephony platform SMS-Man. This service offers both disposable and long-term fake numbers that are technically set up to receive OTP from WhatsApp in every country of the world whether it is in Europe, Asia, or Africa. Getting it is pretty easy and quick. You just need to:

  1. Sign up for the website and verify created account.
  2. Recharge the balance with a suitable method from the payment section.
  3. On the homepage of the service choose the country of issue for the fake phone number.
  4. Scroll the page a bit down, find the tab with services, and select WhatsApp.
  5. Buy a fake number by pressing an appropriate button.

This is basically everything to do. You have purchased a fake phone number and now can use it to sign up for an additional account on WhatsApp. In order to create another profile, it is enough to get a new fake number by repeating the steps from above. There are no limitations on how many times each user can use this service so it will not become a problem.

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