How to set up two-step verification on PSN

In the era where everyone wants to protect their data, it can protect your account safe two-step verification has become the standard security system to protect your online account. It would be best to go for the two-step verification whenever you find the option in your respective app. 

Luckily, Sony supports the feature of two-step verification to help the Playstation users protect their data. People are going crazy for their data on the PlayStation. Therefore, we have compiled some basic information related to the setup of this security system for the PSN users who don’t know how to avail these features. Let’s discuss how you can set up two-step verification on your PSN.

Enabling two-step verification for your PSN account

Adding two-step verification to your PSN is not difficult at all. It may be considered a bit harder than any other device. It’s better to use the computer to add this security system to your PlayStation account. The method of setting up two-step verification is what we’ll cover below. 

Before heading toward the setup of two-step verification, you need to log in to your profile by going to the PlayStation sign-in page. Now, log in to your account with your credentials. If you forgot your login password, you should know how to change your PsN password.

Once you’ve signed in, your account management page will be visible to you. By clicking on the left side, select the security. A new page will open where you might need to confirm your password again.

Various options related to the security of your account can be seen on the new page. If you want to avail the text messages for two-step verification, add the mobile number by clicking on the text messages option, it’s the requirement for that form of confirmation. 

You would see the setting for this option in the header of two-step verification. Now, click the Edit option next to the status and choose the activate. The text messages or an authentication app option will pop out as it’s the primary requirement to start the verification system. 

You’ll get the notification through a text message to your mobile number if you select the text messages. At the same time, the authenticator app generates a code. 

It’s dependent on the method you select; either you’ll get a key to enter into the authenticator app or get code via the text messages. Once you have a login code, you must enter it to confirm correctly set up everything. 

Final Verdict

The status field shows the active status as you’ve done with the whole process of setup. If you still want a perfect security solution for your PSn, Passwarden by KeepSolid is here to help you out. You can check out the PlayStation page on the two-step verification if you are still confused. 


As you’ve set up two-step verification on your PlayStation account, You can’t sign in with your password alone. After entering your password while signing into any new device, you must enter the code texted to your phone. This could have to be entered if you want to log in.

You can see how surprisingly, you can protect your account with this security system. No one can log in to your account until or unless you’ve entered the code you receive on your phone. Attackers can’t get into your account even if your password is compromised.

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