How to Set Up a Multi-Tenant Intercom System

Property managers have been using intercom systems since their inception. They replaced the guard stations of the 20th century and gave more onus to building tenants on who could enter the property. Of course, it’s not just a tenant and their guests who use this system. Private residences, office buildings, and other facilities make use of an intercom. With the advent of COVID-19, people have been looking for a better way to allow entrance to their property. Let’s take a look at how to set up a multi-tenant video intercom system.

What You’ll Need for the System

Though your property might still use a security guard, you won’t need a security guard station to run the door entry system. It’s the 21st century. You’ll want to have your smartphone handy. That’s right, the key to a multi-tenant intercom system is the handheld device and a mobile app. This gives the tenant the keys to the access control system in the palm of their hand, without running any wires or cables throughout the apartment building. They act as the virtual key to the door.

However, they won’t work without the other crucial piece of hardware you’ll need: electronic locks. This will be the unit hardware you’ll need for every door that wants to tap into the video intercom system. Without the electronic locks, the smartphones won’t be able to trigger the door release. With the right latch and smartphone app, you’ll be ready to work on your system. If you’re working with a gate system, you want to get the intercom hardware for your entrance panel.

Integrating the System Into Your Property

As previously mentioned, the video intercom can work for a variety of different locations. From apartment buildings to student housing, this type of entry system will work for your needs. To get your smart intercom system off the ground, you’ll need to inform your tenants of the intended change. Make sure they’re aware of the mobile app they’ll need to operate it. Encourage them to become comfortable using their smartphone as a tenant intercom.

You’ll also want to schedule a time to change out the latch and smart locks for each apartment unit. If you intend to allow access to a specific entrance instead of individual units, you’ll want to upgrade that and inform the tenant of the location. For multifamily buildings, check your directory to make sure all tenants can see the property access on their phones. If you’re working on an industrial property with a number of building operations, make sure all business associates are aware of the smart intercom.

Advertise the change to your tenants, business associates, or guests to your property.

The final thing you’ll want to do to make sure your property management system is working as it should is to advertise it. Place a notice at the entryway about the remote property access. This makes it easy for delivery people, guests of a tenant, and other service providers to avoid confusion when they visit the building. For office buildings, it’s wise to send out a memo about the advanced technology you’ve upgraded to prevent any issues with daily operations.

In addition to package delivery and vendors, you’ll want to make sure emergency personnel are able to operate the new system. Make sure the door station is clearly marked with how to use the remote property access. This will give everyone the peace of mind knowing that the people who should be getting in will, and their privacy and safety are still secure.

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