How to select the right wig according to your skin shade

Just like any other cheap human hair wigs, clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to add volume and length to your hair. Both these extensions are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and temporary. Therefore, they are safe to use. But before purchasing yourself a wig or a set of hair extensions, it’s important to understand the different shades in which they are generally available in the market.

Made of synthetic or natural human hair, these hair bundles are available in multiple shades. No matter which color is hued through your mind’s skies, if you look closer, you’ll certainly find the hue you have been looking for. Professional hairstylists worldwide prefer hair extensions created from actual human hair and pair them according to your skin shade. If you want to find the right hair hue according to your skin shade, you will first need to know your skin colour and decipher your shade type.

You may have noticed a few blue or green colored lines running through your hands. Well, these are your veins, and its shade usually depicts your skin undertone. Although there are various ways to decipher your skin shade according to your skin undertone, we suggest using the vein color method.

Primarily there are three types of skin shade; warm, cold, and neutral. If your veins appear to be purple or blue, you have a cool skin tone. But if your veins are greenish-blue, be assured that you have a neutral shade. However, if you cannot categorize the color as blue or green or it appears to be olive, you have a warm shade.

If you possess a warmer complexion, get yourself lace front human hair wigs that have been hued in shades of red, brown, chestnut, dark mocha, cocoa, burgundy, cinnamon, or honey. These shades can complement your shade and are extremely classy, and can uplift your look in a few seconds. You may also opt for brownish-black or similar shades in black. However, avoid jet black as it may not look good on your skin shade.

Blue, purple, violet are some shades that go well when paired with a cool complexion. However, you may also try colors like honey, beige, grey, lilac, ash brown, or cool blonde. Such shades will enhance some of your key features, such as the shade of your pupil or the tint of your cheeks. Thereby making you look as pretty as a flower.

Get ready to rejoice with glee as soon as you discover that you have a neutral skin shade. You can visually appeal to anyone irrespective of your wig tint. Colors like red, copper, rose, strawberry blond, rust, etc., are few shades that can be easily paired with neutral skin tone. Moreover, you can wear colors like violet, silver, and funky colors like green or teal.

If correctly executed upon gaining all the required knowledge, experimentation with your hair or wigs can turn out to be extremely fruitful. Alongside changing your look, they can make you look way prettier than before.

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