How to save money when buying groceries

You will save a lot of money with these seven simple tips!

Believe us when we say this to you: going to shop for groceries does not need to be expensive! Of course, with the economical crisis that has been reaching some countries around the world, grocery prices have been getting higher each day, but there are some tips that you can follow every time you go to the supermarket to save money.

So, get ready to save money with these practices and to save your salary advance to do other things besides shopping for food! These are simple practices, that don’t ask so much of your time and make the best meals you will ever eat. Believe me: food that we buy paying less is the greatest food ever.

Take a look at these tips!

Make a grocery list

The first thing to avoid spending money that could be saved while shopping for groceries is make a grocery list with everything that you need to buy and stick to it! This will help you to not only buy things that you don’t need — and spend unplanned money on it — but also to not buy things that are already in your pantry and were not used yet — preventing food from spoiling, another thing that represents financial prejudice.

Avoid shopping when you’re hungry

Yeah, this can be kind of obvious, but you need to eat before going to the supermarket. That will help you save money because, when we are hungry, everything in the supermarket will look delicious and we are, inevitably, going to buy things because we end up tempted to buy them. So, always make a meal or eat a snack before going to the market!

Research and see what’s on sale

Researching prices and looking for items on sale on the internet or in store flyers is a great way to save money: in that way, you will know the best places to buy what you need for cheaper prices. Also, try to use coupons. They are a great way to help you save money and can be found online and in the mail.

Buy generic brands

A very used technique by stores is to put the costly and name brands in the customer eye level. In that way, they will end up tempting the customers to buy these higher cost items, while the cheaper and generic ones — and with the same taste — are stored in the top or the bottom of shelves. So, next time you go shopping, try to buy generic brands to taste and find out that they have the same taste while are great options to save money.

Sign up for the loyalty program

Almost every store has a loyalty program and offers benefits and offers for the customers that are affiliated to it. Also, most of them are free to join, which makes it even better: you can benefit from members-only discounts and have great saves for free!

Buy fresh or frozen items rather than the pre-packaged ones

They can be more practical, but the pre-packaged items are generally more expensive than the fresh or the frozen ones. So, if you want to save money, it is a better option to buy fresh or frozen veggies and cheese, for example, than the pre-packaged ones.

Take your own bag

We are all trying to make the world a more sustainable place to live. And supermarkets are doing this too. That’s why some of them rather reward those who take their own reusable bags to the stores than give plastic bags to them. So, if you’re looking for even more discounts, take your own bag when you’re going grocery shopping!

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