How to repair “Bootrec/Fixboot Access denied” by rebuidling BCD?

Machines are prone to errors, and this may disrupt your tasks being functioned on your Windows operator. Undoubtedly, it’s a mess, but we’ve to sort it out utilizing the practices that have proved conducive. No rocket science is involved; all you need to do is follow the path laid down before you in order to get away with the issue at your disposal.

A one-fits-all strategy isn’t going to work because the cause of the problem may vary, leading to multiple solutions, as per the context.

Let’s dig into the steps that you need to perform if Bootrec/Fixboot access is denied on your system.

Step 1:

In this step, we’d be deliberating on the system’s own catalog installed in the windows by default. To turn it on, we need to turn our system on/off a couple of times and hold the POWER KEY, and this would present a menu for us to choose from.

Refer to the image attached to see how it looks like,

Step 2:

Click on Advanced Options to repair your system.

Step 3:

Now is the time to open a prompt to add the instructions for your system to operate on. For someone oblivious to all these concepts and landed here for the first time, this may sound like a challenging task. But not to worry about it because we’ve dispatched the idea in layman’s language, as explicitly as it possibly can be.

Click on Command Prompt, and a black screen would appear before you.

Step 4: 

This method primarily revolves around troubleshooting Data installed in drives by a boot. So, the commands we’d be entering would support that.

Bootrec/rebuildbcd” would be entered in the command prompt.

BCD stands for Boot Configuration Data, and by rebuilding, we’re instructing the system to repair the errors that aren’t apparent, sort of a troubleshoot, but it deals with the drives to be precise.

Step 5: MBR (Master Boot Record) is responsible for the partition of drives and loads the operating system. The sudden disruption could be a reason for failure in this particular department. To deal with this sort of issue, we’re to fix the MBR on our system.

Again, it’s simple, and you just need to type in the command, and the system itself would handle the rest. Refer to the image below and copy/paste the command added below to repair MBR.

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Bootrec/ fixmbr

Type it in and hit the Enter button to proceed further.

Step 6: 

If the issue lies somewhere in the BCD or MBR, the problem would already be resolved until now, and a restart would get your job done. But if it persists, then you need to perform this last step to finish it off.

This again is a command that repairs the underlying problems in a Boot manager. The process is the same, but the command would be altered.

Here it is,

Bootrec/ fixboot

Here you go! Isn’t it simple? Please stick to the steps laid down, and that’s pretty much it.


The guide has been jotted down for a naïve person and has no idea where to start from. We take pride in stating the fact that we accompany our readers throughout the process, delving on even the nitty-gritty of the problem at our disposal. We hope you found it valuable, and if you’re interested in more solutions like that for your Windows systems, we highly encourage you to check out Itprospt.

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