How to Remove Text from Image Online

There are various ways of removing the unwanted text from the photo but few of them are affordable. In the case of a layman, he never wants to pay any fee for this job. On the other hand, multiple free services cannot finish the job with perfection. Therefore, a need for solid and productive service arises here.

It is pertinent to mention here that unwanted text arises due to several reasons. For instance, if you are capturing an image from the DSLR camera; it leaves the date and time of picture time. Thus, it becomes necessary to erase it from the photo to hide numerous facts.

In this way, the Inpaint tool of Imgkits comes to bail us out. The other comprehensive details regarding the Inpaint will be defined in the following part of the article. However, one aspect that we noticed is the quality and speed of the website. There are few alternatives to Imgkits but they also cannot beat productivity.

Removing a text with the assistance of the Inpaint tool of Imgkits:

As we discussed in the introductory session, removing text from the photos manually is a very hard task. On the other hand, Imgkits never ask you to place any input on the photos and perform the entire task automatically. Besides this, other photo editing platforms need your manual input. However, the inpaint tool of Imgkits never asks you for any contribution.

It is pertinent to mention here that Imgkits used the latest technology for image editing. Artificial intelligence is the main ingredient in photo editing and it plays a vital role in editing. There are few services on the internet that used artificial intelligence but those who used; charged certain fees.

Nevertheless, in the case of Imgkits, they do not charge a single penny and bring the results with the assistance of AI. This aspect of the website makes it unique from all its rivals. Consequently, we can say that this is one of the best service providers for picture editing.

The process to remove text from Image:

The process to remove the text with the help of Inpaint is very easy and useful. Imgkits does not take more than 2-3 seconds to remove the text. In addition to this, the website finishes all the work without any delay. Notwithstanding, in the case of inpaint the user has to identify the area only where Imgkits works and brings the best results. Following is the procedure.

  • Go on the website of Imgkits.
  • Click on the Inpaint tool for eradicating text from photos.
  • Upload the picture on it.
  • Imgkits will income a few seconds and ask you to classify the text that you want to eliminate.
  • After selecting, the course of inpaint starts and ends in not more than 2-3 seconds.
  • Now you can download the picture to your system.


The process of Imgkits is very fast as compared to the rivals. Unlike competitors, the website does not take much time to resolve the issue. Additionally, Inpaint photo is a wonderful service and it helps in removing the text from the photo without disturbing the subject matter and only erases the unnecessary text.

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