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How to Prevent Your Property from Rodent Invasion without Calling Professional Assistance?

No one wants to share their house with annoying creatures like rodents. Literally, it is no fun at all. They make irritating noises the whole night, chew on things and threaten you with dangerous diseases. People have to think about dealing with rodent infestation inside their houses or how they can keep these pests out of their property throughout the year.

Many people have the Pest Control Manchester contact number on their speed dial for rat pest control Manchester. All the treatments Pest Control Manchester provides are practical and guarantee you will not see a single rodent in your house. Pest Control Manchester also offers ongoing service contracts to prevent your premises from further rodent infestation.

However, to prevent rodent infestation without calling pest control services, you need to know about these intruders and the harm they bring along before you think of a way to stop the invasion. Start with understanding the types of rodents invading your property.

Types of rodents invading your property

Property owners in Manchester experienced the invasion of a few types of rodents.

The three more common types invading your house include –

  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Deer mice

All these furry rodents are equally troublesome. At the same time, they have their weaknesses and strength when invading your property. Norway rats can chew materials like soft concrete and aluminium siding with their strong teeth. They need a sizeable entry point to get inside because of their enormous size.

On the other hand, house mice can squeeze through holes and cracks the size of nickel as they are small in size. House mice are quite problematic because they are faster breeders. The deer mice outsize the house mice but are equally fast in breeding. Many things make these annoying intruders different from each other.

The harm caused by rodents

Anyone experiencing rodent infestation faces three problems respectively –

  • Annoyance
  • Health problems
  • Destruction

Wild rodents are annoying as they make a lot of noise all night. At the same time, they frequently scare people living in the house. These pests are dangerous because they carry many diseases causing organisms and infections.

Some of the most common diseases rodents spread include –

  • Salmonellosis
  • Rat – bite fever
  • Hantavirus
  • Murine typhus
  • Lyme disease

They are destructive because they chew holes through food boxes and walls with sharp teeth. Also, rodents tear up fabrics, insulation and paper. You can also find them gnawing on the legs of your furniture.

To prevent all this, you need to follow a few steps. These steps involve keeping your property free from rubbish and making your garden more manageable by cutting everything to a manageable level. Make sure to have a gravel border about 3 inches around the patio or path area in front of your house to keep rodents at bay. Regularly clean up the rubbish area on your property to keep it tidy.

Whenever you get time, walk around your property now and then to make sure you seal all the gaps and holes in and around your property. In this way, you can protect your house from rodent invasion.

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