How to Prevent Dark Circles Permanently

There are two types of dark circles: vascular and genetic. Vascular dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation in the eye area, while genetic dark circle are the opposite. People with transparent or darker skin usually experience this condition. A good under-eye cream should contain antioxidants and caffeine, which will help reduce swollen blood vessels. This will minimize the appearance of vascular-type dark circles. These two types of dark circles are often related to a lack of sleep or an allergy. If you’re facing this kind of circles, dark circles treatment in Mumbai can be your solution where Dr.  Niketa Sonavane, Celebrity Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai will treat you.

How to prevent dark circles

There are a few different types of dark circles. The most common are based on stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep. This type of dark circle is associated with lack of rest and stress. The dark circle that develops is bluish and gradually deepens. Generally, the dark circles can be reduced by applying a cold compress. You should apply the cold compress to the affected areas for a few minutes each day.

The most common type of dark circles is hyperpigmentation, which can be caused by a lack of sleep. In this case, the dark circles are the result of hyperpigmentation. Dr. Joshi recommends using a broad-spectrum SPF every day, but the best treatment is a combination of home remedies and professional advice. Those with dark circles should consult with a doctor to get the best treatment.

The first type is hereditary, and is more difficult to treat than the others. Hereditary dark circles are brown or blue, and are more difficult to treat. The second type is non-hereditary, and it can be improved. If you frequently rub your eyes, it may be caused by a variety of factors, including allergies or dermatitis. In some cases, emotional upset can also cause these dark circles.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently

There are several treatments available to improve the appearance of dark circles. The best treatment for hereditary dark circles is consultation with a doctor. There are prescriptions available that target the fat deposits under the eye. So, the best dermatologist in Mumbai for dark circles can be your main concern. A doctor may recommend amending your diet and taking dietary supplements to correct this issue. However, hereditary dark circles are more difficult to treat. Surgical procedures can eliminate the pigmentation caused by dark circles. These procedures can take one to three hours, and recovery can take up to a week. Besides, if you’re looking for solution under eye treatment in Mumbai, you can also check out our services.

Temporary dark circles are more difficult to treat because they develop from a tear duct to the cheek. The reason for this is that the skin under the eye is weakened due to stress and lack of rest. Once your body has rested, the darkness should subside. The next type of dark circle is genetic, and it may be inherited. Some treatments, such as chemical peels, may be beneficial. The best treatment for this condition is to consult with a doctor.

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