How to prepare English for class 7

Many times many students ignore the subject of English as more importance is given to the main core subjects. It is not very difficult to prepare the subject but some of the sections in it require more attention and time. You need a proper strategy to study the subject. English consists of literature as well as the grammar part. The literature part has a combination of unknown words, which needs the help of a mentor or teacher to understand. English is a widely used language, which is used by almost everyone. You need to learn this efficiently for all the professional and personal spaces. Apart from the regular books, surfing the internet or reading storybooks also helps in learning a lot of new words and phrases.

Go through your NCERT textbooks properly

The first and foremost task is to read the main NCERT book for the literature part. It helps in building the base for future learning. Most of the questions asked in the exam are from the NCERT book. It is advisable to revise the chapters from NCERT books as the examinations are based on this book. Solve all the questions given at the back of the chapters. Experts and top academicians write those after extensive research in the field and according to the syllabus. You will get all the solved answers to the questions on various websites online. Learn them thoroughly to avoid any doubt in the examination.

Practice makes everything perfect

Every section of class seven English requires regular practice starting from reading, writing, grammar or literature can you can only score well in the examination with a lot of practice. Write out the answers in the notebook and makes notes of them. Highlight all the necessary keywords like important terms or difficult words. Learn the spellings very essentially. The majority of the students lose many marks for writing wrong spellings. Writing all the answers especially for literature helps in finishing the paper within time. You will get an idea regarding time management in the examination. It will improve your handwriting and writing tone. Write the answers in such a way, which keeps the teachers engaged in it. Bland writing leads to losing marks. Watch English movies carefully by reading the subtitles, listening to good songs, and watching English entertainment shows for learning new conversational styles and words. Reading storybooks also helps a lot. It broadens the thinking perspective of a student. You will be able to pen down the writing skills efficiently by this process and gain mastery over the language.

Solve sample papers and give mock tests frequently

The journey starts from class 6 where all the students need to prepare themselves for the upcoming boards throughout all the years. Previous years’ question papers and English Class 7 CBSE Sample Papers helps in making the pattern of the questions familiar to the students. You will get the question papers from your school and sample papers from various websites online. Ample coaching institutions and websites are offering free educational content for the students to learn. Students can rectify their mistakes by solving more and more papers. You will be able to figure out the exact reasons and points of weaknesses to work on them. Time management is one of the major problems which every student faces in the examination hall. Solving papers within the correct time at home helps in managing the exact time.

Some of the tips to remember

There is a reading section in the question, which contains unknown passages along with sets of questions. You are required to read the passages very carefully and then write the answers. This particular section checks the attentive skill of a student for reading. These passages can be taken from anywhere starting from journals, newspapers, or books based on diverse topics. Mastery of the subject develops over time. A student cannot memorize all the reading habits all suddenly. Inculcating the habit of reading storybooks can help in the process. Give special attention to similar words. Always maintain notes regarding the details to remember all major points. Each of the passages given provides a meaning, which remains hidden. Try to understand that by thinking analytically. This will help in deriving the answers more easily.

Focus on the writing section

The writing section in English grammar has two to three sub-parts in it. It broadens the creativity of the students from their minds along with maintaining the writing style and format. A particular format is maintained for all the different types of writing skills like letter writing, report writing, paragraph, articles, and many more. The sentences must be kept short to avoid confusion. Always try to do it in an active voice. Revise all the sentences and words carefully so that it remains attractive with precision.

Important points to know about grammar

Grammar is such a part of English, which needs proper clarity. Understand the sentences by dividing them into parts to deliver the knowledge of each word. Grammar also includes certain rules and regulations that you must remember very well. The questions, which are asked in the examination, are unknown in the case of grammar. Write the answers by relating to the proper grammatical laws. Learn the grammar portion by taking help from a good teacher because that part needs a little guidance.


Literature is such a subject, which consists of the opinions of different people. It has poems, texts, and short stories where you will get a lot of scope for debating, perceptions, and disagreements. The poet or the writers compose the stories in different meanings which the readers in another way accept. In-depth knowledge about the texts is necessary for understanding the concepts. Ask questions whenever you feel doubt. Refer to all the target sections of a book, which are more important than others are. Remember the conversations between the characters and the speeches. While writing the literature answers in the examination show your creative skill to the examiner instead of lingering around the same thing. Give some validation to your answers by referring to the poet’s name or the name of the chapter.

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