How to open corrupted PNG files?


Sometimes peoples have to face the issue that stored files are get corrupted, or the storage is filled with viruses, but what will happen if the corrupted files are close to your heart or matter a lot for you. Then, you will search for software to repair or recover it.  In these situations, video/image repair tools will do a great job for you. So, the most significant tool is Repairit that can solve all of your problems. In addition, it will give questions to answers related to how to open a PNG file?

Part1: The reasons for not opening PNG files

The major reasons behind a PNG file not being opened are as follows,

  • When you have resized the PNG file many times.
  • Your system storage part consists of viruses.
  • Removed memory cards improperly can lead to damaging PNG files.
  • The user is trying to open a PNG file with corrupted software
  • Sometimes the users did not transfer PNG files properly. Due to this, they can also face disruption during the file transfer in your system.

Moreover, there are also some common scenes of being corrupted PNG files. Let’s look at the two major ones.

  • Users have forgotten to assign their photos as a default program. The default program is a program used by windows to open any kind of file whenever they click on it to open that file. This can be an image file, a link, or an amusing file. A computer is required to be programmed before it can process these commands.
  • The other reason is that users are operating an outdated version of windows, and the default program is not supporting the file format. As a result, the latest versions cannot open relatively old file formats.

Furthermore, some apps support different file format specifications. Therefore, their standard PNG files working is different than others. So, the point to note is that all PNG files cannot be opened on all platforms.

Part2: Most common approaches to open a PNG file

The most  common methods used to solve the issue “PNG files not opening on Windows 10” are,

  • Repair using Windows Photo Viewer
  • Using PNG file repair tool9
  • Turn off photo encryption
  • Update Windows photo Viewer
  • Convert PNG to another format

But the most effective solution is to use PNG repair tools, and Repair is considered best due to its unique features, working behavior, and user-friendly environment.

Part3: How to solve “PNG files not opening on Window 10” with Repair?

Wondershare Repairit is an offline tool to repair corrupted photos. This tool may be new for you and will help and guide you to how to open a PNG file. But, first, the users have to download and install Repair on their system.

Once the system has been installed on the system, launch it so that you can use it to repair the corrupted files. For this purpose, click on the “Add File” button at the center of the screen. This will allow the users to select and load the corrupted images from your Windows or Mac system for repairing PNG files. Users can upload as many files as they desire.

Once you have selected all the files wanted to repair, click on the “Repair” button. This will start the process of repairing damaged files. Also, make sure that you have not closed the application during the repairing procedure. This will take some time to complete the repairing procedure.

When the procedure completes, all repaired files will appear on the user’s device screen. Now the user can request reviewing files and can choose ones that are interested in restoring. Once you are satisfied and selected all required files for restoring, click on the “Save Repaired Files” button and save that image in any location on your device.

Technical Features

Repair provides a very clean, clear, and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it also provides some additional features that are.

  • Easy workflow
  • Advance mode for videos and photos
  • Companionable features with high resolution
  • Support a large number of formats
  • Support on different platforms


PNG is the most common file format used for opening images. It is the format used by digital cameras and mobile phones. Sometimes, these files can get corrupt if the user becomes unable to open these files due to many reasons. To solve this issue, many solutions are available. So, this article will help to provide the solution of how to open a corrupted PNG file. The users require to fix any of the problems related to “PNG files not opening on windows 10”. If you follow the above-given instructions, you can protect the PNG files from getting damaged and fix damaged files easily.

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