How to Manage Multiple Projects as a Freelancer?

Working as a freelancer is very exciting, as you can always work on new projects, with new clients and from wherever you want. But the challenging part is about managing multiple projects effectively to deal with deadlines properly and do the whole work with high quality. Therefore, as a freelancer, you should know that you need time management skills and planning for managing all your ongoing projects. 

Having multiple projects means that you are doing well as a freelancer, but if you want it to last longer, you should know these essential skills for managing various projects.  

1. Plan your week

Having several projects at once can be challenging, especially if you have increasing customers. So creating a weekly schedule in advance can be a wise solution to have a clear image of what and when you should do. Managing time as a freelancer will only work for your benefit, as you will use your time effectively. Moreover, planning a week won’t take so much time. You can start planning it on Sunday evening and write it down in a planner book or online.

 Knowing the straightforward tasks separated every day will help you work effectively and do specific work at its proper time. This is an accepted practice that project managers are organizing in big companies. On the other hand, the freelancer should be its project manager and organize all the work for the week considering priorities and deadlines.  

2. Prioritize tasks

After planning your weekly schedule, you need to set up a priority list of tasks. The priority list should be based on the needs and deadlines to separate the jobs to their urgency. After prioritizing tasks, you’ll know how many hours to allocate to each task and satisfy all the clients with high-quality work without being overwhelmed. Following through with urgent tasks and not that urgent ones will allow you to organize your daily work more effectively. 

Another advantage of making a project list is that it gives you a visual representation of how much work you have ahead of you. It may appear daunting at first, but if you break down each project and determine which ones to prioritize, you will complete them all sooner. In addition, in the right managed time you’ll be able to improve customer service and attract new clients.  

3. Track your time

If you manage multiple projects, it’s essential to understand how much time you spend on the overall and each task. So it would help if you track your time and know how many hours you are spending on your daily or weekly projects. Then, it will be clear for the freelancer to organize work and do it more efficiently.

Managing time will help you not be confused or work at night. The project will be done at the right time, and you will also have time to fix issues. In addition, physically tracking your time will help you avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. For example, suppose you are a freelance social media manager. In that case, you should know how much time you would spend on social media analysis organize the other task’s time depending on that.  


Being a freelancer is about doing several projects at the same time. But you can’t mix them all or do when you want. So if you’re going to succeed in freelance work and have many satisfied clients, you need to plan your work by prioritizing it and tracking your time. Over time it will become a working habit, and even on very overloaded days, you will know how to manage all your projects and do them successfully. 

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