how to make your face white and clear

I believe that almost every woman wants to have a slender face, V-face, small face, smooth skin. Absolutely no wrinkles But not everyone can have a face shape. and good skin like this since birth But it’s not difficult anymore. Because with aesthetic medicine that has developed very far. making it possible for anyone to have a slender face Smooth skin without wrinkles as well.

The cause of the problem of big face, big face, not slender

Big face, big face that makes many people worried. Not confident in your own face can occur for many reasons as follows:

– Caused by fat : due to more body weight Or eat starchy foods, fatty foods, fried foods, sweets, sugar until the fat accumulates in the body. and more face area Especially around the cheeks, face frame, under the chin, making the face big, fat face, look swollen.

– Caused by muscles: most people tend to have big faces because of this. Because in everyday life we ​​have to chew food every day. The more days when the food is tough and hard. It makes the jaw muscles work even harder. So that’s why the face looks big. Blooming up there.

– Caused by bone mass : This cause is usually from birth. Due to heredity from family members who have a larger than normal jaw bone structure so the face looks big and in some people may have a distorted face

The cause of aging problems

Wrinkles can occur for many reasons. Which can happen to people of all ages But most of the time, wrinkles tend to occur in older people. The main reasons that cause wrinkles on the face are as follows:

– Aging: a major cause of aging problems is increasing age, which makes skin cells Collagen and elastin under the skin’s layers deteriorate gradually, thus the skin gets worse and wrinkles are more prone to wrinkles.

– Weather: Dry air can make your skin more prone to wrinkles. Due to the lack of moisture in the skin causing the skin to become dry when moving the face Or show a facial expression often, it will eventually cause wrinkles.

– Food you eat: especially sweet food. It can make your skin wrinkle very easily. Because sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream and binds to collagen. deteriorate Under the skin there is more sugar. It is the cause of wrinkles that make you look older than your age.

– Dehydrated skin: similar to the cause of dry weather. Because when the skin is very dry, it makes the skin inelastic. Wrinkles are easy to occur. Therefore, it should always be hydrated, for example, frequent sipping of water can help.

If you want a slender, wrinkle-free face, you need Botox injections.

As for the solution to the problem of large faces, large faces, slender faces, V-faces and no wrinkles. I want to say that medicine has developed very far. There are many ways. There are several techniques that can help solve the problem. but the easiest way See results as quickly as possible There would be no other way. Botox injections are suitable for people with large facial problems caused by muscles.

Botox (Botox) is a helper that can reduce the size of the face to be slender. It also helps to reduce wrinkles for smoother skin as well. That’s because when the doctor injects Botox. The patient’s jaw area The substance will act causing the muscles in that area to begin to weaken. and temporarily unable to work or move When the muscles are unable to move for a long time, the muscles in that area will eventually become smaller. So the face can look smaller. The doctor can also inject the face to be slender in a V-shape style as well. It’s called a facial lift botox injection.

The area with wrinkles When Botox works, it relaxes the contracted muscles. and unable to move when expressing facial expressions The skin will not be able to fold together. Wrinkles are gradually fading, so the skin looks smoother.


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