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How to Make Your Environment Clean and Green With a Dumpster

Running a business is hard enough, but when you don’t take proper care of your trash management and recycling processes, you will realize a higher waste footprint. The purpose of conducting a waste audit is to understand the scope of your problem and how to solve it. This audit involves a written review of all your operational methods in the workplace, including copying policies, paper shredding policy, lunch room policy, break room policy, and other things that can influence the amount of waste you create throughout the day. Once you complete the audit – start taking action. This action will involve decisions about what should be discarded, saved, recycled, and more. Contact Starr Dumpster for a dumpster rental in Rockville to remove all waste in compliance with your audit results.

Conduct a Waste Audit of Your Business

A waste audit is a great way to identify your business’s most significant waste areas. You can then make changes to reduce or eliminate them. For example, if you find that a lot of paper towels go into the trash, conduct an audit of how much paper your company uses and see if there are ways that you can reduce it.

Reduce Paper and Ink

Paper and ink are two of the biggest sources of waste in most offices. If you need to print something out, consider only printing it if necessary. If you require paper copies, look into using recycled paper or electronic files instead of printing them out on paper. This can also save you money on toner cartridges if everyone uses electronic files instead of printing out documents for meetings or presentations.

Find Reusable Options In the Breakroom

Another way to reduce waste is by finding reusable options for things that would otherwise be thrown out after only one use. For example, instead of using disposable dishes at lunchtime, provide reusable dishes and utensils so employees can take them home after each meal. This will cut down on the amount of garbage that has to be collected each day and will save money on dishwashing detergent as well (since it won’t have to clean off so much grease).


If you find yourself with extra materials that you don’t need or are too worn out to repair, consider donating them to charity instead of throwing them away or recycling them. Charities often accept clothing and other goods that might otherwise end up in landfills and even sell these items at their thrift stores so they can raise money for their causes.

Recycle When You Cannot Avoid Waste

You must recycle when possible because it reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. Many materials, such as cardboard, plastic bottles, and paper products, can be recycled. Recycling helps save energy because less energy is needed to process recycled products than virgin materials. Recycling also reduces pollution because fewer raw materials are extracted from the earth, and less energy is used in processing them into finished goods.

Compost Lunches

Composting lunches at work can help reduce the amount of waste produced by employees during lunch breaks. Employees can eat their lunches in compostable bags or boxes instead of using disposable containers that end up in landfills after use. Composting also reduces the amount of food waste in landfills yearly since it turns organic matter into nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardens and lawns instead of rotting away as traditional garbage does in landfills.

Promote Sustainable Waste Management Solutions to Employees

Sustainable waste management is an essential component of any corporate sustainability strategy. It can help companies reduce their environmental footprint, save money and promote better health and safety practices within their organizations.

One way to promote sustainable waste management solutions is to educate employees on the benefits of these practices through employee education programs. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Set up a company-wide recycling program
  2. Provide clear guidelines on what types of items can be recycled
  3. Make sure your employees know where to dispose of non-recyclable materials
  4. Train your drivers to handle hazardous materials properly

You can do many things to make your office less of a burden on the planet and more green. You may even find that some of these ideas are cost-effective, which is always a plus. When you sit down to look at your waste management options, never forget about employee and customer education. If everyone is on board with being eco-friendly, then it stands to reason that you will see great success in being an environmentally conscious business. Starr Dumpster wants to help you reach your audit goals as quickly as both.

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