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How to make sure that your home has mice

Rats look cute, but it doesn’t look cute when they stay at your home. We may grow up watching tom and jerry, but the real rats are not as friendly as jerry. When we found a mouse in my house, what do I do? But the fact is certain things will help you to make sure if your home has rats or not. So read more to find out.

The population size of the rodent

Certain signs may help you to identify if your house has mice or not. If you see rodent only in night and not in the day, that means the population of mice isn’t more. But if you see a rodent both day and night, then there is a good chance that there are many mice in the home. If you have a limited amount of mice, then you can use baits to get rid of the mice. But if there are too many of them, then the best choice would be to hire a professional to do the job. Pest control is a great idea to control the growth of mice. So if you want to know about pest control cost, check the link and find more.

Look for certain signs to find out more like:

1.Rodent droppings

The dropping which is dark and moist is likely to be a fresh rodent. You can find droppings near any food or food packaging, under sinks, in the drawer or cupboards or the hidden areas. You can find the most amount of rodent where the rats are nesting or feeding. So make sure to check out the newfound droppings to find out if it is still active or not.

2.Gnaw marks

The colour of the new droppings will be lighter and become darker as they grow old. You can find the gnaw marks around the food packages. If you found new spots in colour, then it could mean that the mice are continuously gnawing in the same area over and over again. The market can also indicate if the mice are large or small. The larger mice tend to leave large gnaw marks, and the smaller once tends to leave little marks because they have various sizes of teeth.

3.Pat behaviour

If you have a pet in your house, then it may become active where there is a chance of rodents. Pet’s unusual behaviour happens when dogs and cats found out there is a rodent in that specific area. You will see that your cat or dog have more interest in certain areas where it had no interest before. So make sure to check the place with light and examine carefully. You may find some mark in a particular area.

4.Tracks and runway

If the mice are staying at your house for a long time, then there is a chance that you may see some mark in their runway. It may not be as clear as they will become more visible after some days. You won’t see most of the runways with eyes. So if you suspect any area make sure to check that area with a flashlight. You might find some interesting place and may find the living place of the mice. So always look after for the tracks.

5.Look for their nest

Most of the time mice love to build their nest in places like fabric, shredded paper, or sometimes they use the dried plant to make their nest. If you find anything suspicious about those places, then there is a massive chance that that is the nest for the mice. So look for any suspicious area on your house.


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