How to Make Clip In Hair Extensions Last More Longer?

Would you like to make your hair voluminous or simply have a new hairstyle? Clip in human hair extension is the best option. Clip in hair extensions is versatile, inexpensive, and very easy to use. These extensions are better than other semi-permanent extensions as you can attach and remove the clip-ins quickly. Remy clip in hair extensions are considered the best and stylish ones as they can be cut, washed, dyed, and styled as per your requirement. 

One-third of women like to choose these extensions due to their versatility. Quality clip ins are lightweight and thereby do not give much pressure to your original hair roots and scalp. Normally, the life of a clip in hair extensions is 12 months or less, but you can make it last longer with utmost care of your extensions for instance by keeping them in a hair extension case. Nevertheless, check out the tips on how to make your clip in hair extensions durable right below:

Make Use of Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Your clip in extensions should be maintained and cleaned properly, just like your own hair. However, it is equally true that not every shampoo and conditioner is suitable for your clip in hair extensions. It is better to go with gentle shampoos rather than anti-dandruff shampoos that come with sulfates in their composition. The use of the wrong shampoo might result in quick dry-up and tangled extensions. Also, you should not wash your extensions daily, but you can wash them every two to three days. 

Brush Your Hair Properly

Just like your hair, you should brush your clip in hair extensions at least once a day to protect them from tangling. Usually, you have a hair fall every day, no matter if it is more or less, but it can get tangled with the hair extensions and create a lot of troubles. To get out of this situation, brushing is the best method. If you brush your hair as well as hair extensions regularly, you can keep them in a good appearance. If your hair and extensions are not brushed properly, your hair can be stuck around the clips, which leads to painful and uncomfortable removal.

Be Careful While You Go to Bed

To keep your real hair clip in extensions in good condition, you should be careful about the way you go to bed. You should never allow your hair extensions to get tangled as they will look bad and will hardly come back to their original appearance once tangled. Therefore, it is recommended to take your hair extension clips off your hair before you go to bed. On a bed with your clip in hair extensions can even damage your clips, and you cannot use them anymore. 

Be Aware of Heating Machines You Use

Well, you should indeed keep your hair dry so that the extensions will remain in good shape. But when it comes to making use of hairdryers, you should be very careful about it as wrong heating tools can ruin your extensions easily. For your hair and extensions, it is wise to use irons or ionic hair dryers  to reduce the presence of frizzes and make them manageable. But applying overheat on extensions would also be bad as they will get dry easily and lose their shine. 

Opt for Nourishing Treatment

One of the best approaches to keep your clip in hair extensions in a good shape is to opt for a nourishing treatment once a month. This treatment gives the same effect on your extensions like it is on your original hair. It will keep your hair extensions smooth, untangled, and flexible as well. However, you should choose high-quality products to make your clip in hair extensions last longer as much as possible. 

Final Words:

Clip in hair extensions is a wonderful option to give a natural and sleek look to your hair. These extensions are perfect for those who want to switch on different hairstyles in day-to-day life. A variety of natural hair clip-ins are available in the stores that offer a natural look, and you can buy the best clip in hair extension at an affordable rate. Even though you purchase a suitable one for you, you have to take care of it and keep it maintained to prolong its life.  

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