How to make a perfect portfolio for an architect?

When it comes to architecture as a business there are a lot of booming opportunities out there. Clients are either developing designs or finalizing the draft and heeding towards the actual development of their dream buildings. But how can you cash these opportunities for yourself? Maybe there is something you can do to tempt all these clients into reaching out to you? Well, as it happens there is something that you can do which is developing a professional architecture portfolio.

Some people might do that through a website, some might develop flyers or broad charts with intense graphics to showcase their past accomplishments, the knowledge that they have, and how they will take care of the new clients. While all of that sounds very tempting you need to hustle yourself and find something unique and different to engage clients with your business. If you truly want to do it in the most tenacious way possible without overdoing yourself one bit then the following are some of the elements that you need to consider;

1. Mind your audience

Most architects have an attitude when it comes to listening to their clientele and refining their trade accordingly and these are among those who never make it to the top games. That is why it is important that you do mind your audience which is the architectural firms. Do some research beforehand regarding what kind of recruits they want and what are the job requirements that need to be filled. Include those things into your resume and highlight them so the agency knows beforehand that you have experience in what they are looking for.

2. Make things easier for people

It is not going to be easier for the end clients or people interested in the services that you are delivering unless they are an architectural firm. Having a website makes things easier as you can customize everything to the end requirements of the clients or people interested in the services that you offer.

Separate sections could be developed featuring different services that you offer along with the schematics, drawings, and design figures in architectural visualization to give off a clear idea of your work ethic, making the decision easier and clearer for the client. But even if you don’t have a website and choosing to go by a PDF or a brochure then the design on that should be simpler and engaging with the audience.

3. Only select your best projects

When it comes to showcasing your work you need to provide something to the end recruiters or clients in terms of the work that you have done in the past. It doesn’t have to be immaculate or perfect in any sense but one of your best projects to begin with. Choose high-resolution pictures that can be viewed from all angles and zoomed in to see even the most discrete details hidden from the reach of the human eye. Choosing to add about 10-15 projects of yours in your portfolio would be sufficient, to begin with.

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