How to light incense cones:

The incense cones are known for their pleasing fragrances making the person work more pleasantly with high positivity levels. The cones are also considered as most smoke spreading in the incense styles. Therefore, to light incense cones always take the non-inflammatory and heat resistant container or holders.

A Guide to light incense cones:

The step-by-step procedures make sure the accurate aroma spreads with the least smoke all around the mediating environment.

  1. Heat resistant container:

The lightening of incense emerges a lot of heat in the container making it necessary to choose a container that is heat resistant like wooden or ceramic ones. The heat passage can also be diluted by spreading the 1 cm sand in the cone container.

Some tips are to place the container in a safe place aside from flammable products like lampshades, any cotton or fabric covers curtains, and even on paper.

  1. Cone placement:

The wider part is to be placed at the bottom of the holder making the pointed part at the top. Make sure that the cone is smoothly placed even if you have sand on the holder so that it doesn’t fall.

  1. Lightening:

The cancel flame or match stick flame is considerably smaller with controllable properties. Therefore it is suitable to use such mediums to lighten up the flame. The tip here is to blow out the flame in 5-10 seconds to make the cone work.

  1. Orange Glow:

An orange glow makes sure that the flame is properly blown out. In case the cone appears to be dark after being blown out it needs to be flamed again.

  1. Fan the cone:

After blowing out the cone one needs to fan the cone for some time to make goof spread of the scent and making the cone work. The mouth blows, paper or even your hand can be used as a fan to make the incense cone work properly.

  1. Thirty minutes enjoy:

The cones require 20 to 30 minutes to completely finish. The smoke of the cone may be slightly more comparatively to other incenses.

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Recommence of incense cone lightning:

  • Accurate timings of blowing out:

The incense cone has to be blown out after ten seconds, as it may give unpleasing and more smoke. To avoid that blow out slightly with your mouth hand or paper until orange light is seen.

  • Oxygen absorption:

The flame is properly flamed and the cone can only properly burn if it is getting enough oxygen. To give proper oxygen levels, the containers with lids are required to be removed from the top to give the proper passage.

  • New cone:

The wet or freshly made cones are required to be dried first to lighten up the flame. The flame will go out immediately if you keep using the wet cones or oil-containing cones.

  • Windows:

The cones placement is one of the most important steps to make sure the safe and consistent burning of the cone. A heavy air coming through windows or open places makes the cone burn quickly or be blown out. The tip is to make sure of the place where oxygen levels are ok so you don’t have to light the incense cone again.


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