How to lay your edges in 3 simple steps?

Laying your baby hair might be the last and foremost step whether you style your natural hair or wigs. Laying your edges can create a sleek and neat look, and upgrade your entire look. Having nice laid edges can help frame your face shape and light up your hairstyle. But laying your edges can cause some problems to your hair, such as breakage, flakes, and even hair loss. So having a way to lay your edge while keeping your baby hair healthy is essential. And laying a baby hair with unice headband wig may look easy, but it’s a challenge for someone else. Here are some tips and steps for you to create edges without damaging your natural hair.

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Step1: Wet Your Baby Hair

Before you touch your baby hair to do some stylings, remember to spritz some water to your hair for keeping your hair moisturized. Slightly spraying onto your hair will suffice and it helps you shape the baby hair and lay edges. For someone who has hair that is prone to dryness, they need to keep the hair moisturized. Otherwise, the hair edges can change their styles once they become dry. And it can protect your hair from gel since the many gels can cause your hair dryness. We suggest that you avoid using gels that contain alcohols, or use hair butter to get sleek edges and keep the hair watery.

Step2: Create The Shapes And Styles

When choosing the styles of your edges, you should style your baby hair considering the texture of your natural hair or the unice bundles<.strong>. The traditional way to lay edges is that people use a toothbrush to create a smooth lay and shape. Meanwhile, you can go with your finger to lay your baby hair down as you swish the hair and continue this way until it reaches the desired look. Another handy tool for perfecting the laid edges is the rat tail comb. You can use it to define the perfect shape and make the edges look more neat and stylish.

Step3: Tie Down Your Hair Until It Drys

This is the last step after you apply the gel or hair butter. You should use a satin or silk scarf to tie your edges down until they dry. Using a silk scarf or satin can prevent your hair from frizz and dryness. And it usually takes 10-20 minutes to finish.

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