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How to improve Instagram post engagement: 4 tips

The times have changed and Instagram is no more about pretty pictures only. It is a mainstream site where brands engage with their customers to gain wider reach and need to buy Instagram followers. It has become a necessity both for a popular brand or a budding one. Everyone is looking for new ways to enhance post engagement.

By keeping an eye on the engagement rates, they analyse if their social media marketing strategy is working or not.  Here are some key ideas to increase engagement on Instagram and make your Instagram popping.

Few tips to make your posts more engaging

There’s more to life than just a ‘like’

Yes, there’s more to Instagram than just a ‘like’. Why? Because there are a multitude of other features that measure the likeability of your content if you want to get popular on Instagram. These are saves, comments, and shares. Content creators or brands usually overlook these factors and work to increase their number game. But it is noteworthy that likes are passive.

This means that it doesn’t take time to double-tap any picture while scrolling. But these other metrics mean that your post grabbed the attention of your audience. They took their precious time to comment because they cared for this post.

They found your post useful and thus saved it for future visits and lastly, they found it interesting to share it with their friends or colleagues. But why do brands don’t focus on saves and share as much as they do on likes? Maybe because it is what first pops on the screen and new users are attracted towards the post with the most likes.

However, Instagram algorithms work a little different. It not only takes into account the number of likes, but how many saves and shares you have as well. It helps your posts to show up on newer feeds and thus help you gain wider reach.

Ask back and forth

As Instagram is a massive platform, you have to convince your audience that their voice is not lost in this big anonymous world. This trust can be developed by initiating a conversation with your followers. Try to intermittently post some pictures with long captions that can generate a conversation among your followers in the comment section.

It is a great way to break some ice. Like and reply to their comments. It ensures that you value their opinions. Also, slide into your DMs now and then. It helps to create a bond with your followers. Even a simple question like ‘Which is your favourite colour?’ to deep ones like ‘What is your take on the recent controversy?’ can go a long way.

Don’t restrict yourself to posts only to get popular on Instagram, make use of the Instagram stories. Create a poll or start an ‘ask me anything’ series to gain wider reach. It is not only fun but also a great marketing strategy.

Consistency is the key

Here, some get confused because they cannot deduce how much they should post in a day. You need to maintain a consistent viewership without overkilling the creativity. According to experts, 3-4 posts a day maintains the sanctity of your brand. But again, in Instagram, there are no clear cut formulas.

It is advisable to take the help of the Insights feature of Instagram. Analyse the period when users are most active, and which posts they respond to the most or your followers’ demographics.

All in all, it takes a lot of research to get this feat right. Take advantage of the Insights feature and interpret the response for future endeavours if you want to get popular on Instagram.

Quality topples Quantity

Well, whatever you do, if there’s one saving grace for your brand, then it should be the quality of your posts. It will be useful in holding onto your followers’ attention. Stay true to your style. Avoid the haphazardness of posts in the name of engaging your audience with maximum posts. It is a bad idea.

Even if you post 1-2 times a day, make sure it is thrilling and captivating. Create a colour block scheme for your page or a unique Instagram feed theme. Avoid blurry or out of focus photos. Use filters to maximise visual appeal. Click high-quality pictures.

Post imaginative and witty content that secretly markets your brand without appearing monotonous. Use popular hashtags to increase engagement. All in all, it is advisable to be unique in your posts so that it turns out to be a visual experience for anyone who visits your page, incidentally or on purpose. As Instagram is a visual media, presentation matters a ton.


This way, one can conclude that there are many parameters why your Instagram engagement is low. You might be posting irregularly. If you are posting regularly and are still unable to attract the audience, refresh your content quality.

Use enough hashtags but do not go overboard with it. Interact with your audience through polls and replies. And most importantly, analyse the statistics to have a take on your hits and misses.

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