How to Improve Customer Service: 3 Fail-Proof Ways

Satisfied customers play a huge role in the success of your business. Bad customer service will reduce your customer retention rates and loyalty to the company. It is a very big problem for corporates as it costs them at least $75 billion every year. In order to not be in loss and keep making profits, you must be ready to use every tool to provide better customer service. 

In this article we’re going to share a few fool-proof ways to help improve your customer service. But before you jump into this article why don’t you first look over these brief reads about enterprise web development and benefits of outstanding fintech software development

Ways To Improve Customer Service

We have put together this list of a few tips that are continuously shown to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. 

Respond Fast

Your customers might be getting in touch because they need your help with something, even still they don’t have the whole time in the world. It is also true that customers are more impatient than ever. A   little delay might cause your customer to not only abandon your website but also stop purchases. 

Most customers would expect you to get back to them in 45 seconds on live chat, 60 minutes by email and 60 minutes by social media. This metric is known as first response time or FRT. It is one of the top KPI (key performance indicator). 

To reduce the response time by agents, you can set up email alerts which are time based CRM software and make templates of pre-designed emails. To be able to help customers on live chat you should have a large support team or develop a self-service portal where the customers can read the instructions and help themselves. 

24/7 Help

Another useful way to gain customer satisfaction is to make the customer support services available round the clock. Companies that have large customer base will definitely benefit from this. You can hire staff to work in different shifts. However, if your budget is limited then you can also opt for chatbots or better yet outsource help desk support to give it a human touch. 

Use Various Channels of Communication

You may prefer communicating with your customer via email but they might be more comfortable with phone calls. Your staff should be able to leverage all channels of communication. This will allow your staff to connect with customers that would have otherwise remained unattended. In a way it makes them more accessible. The various channels of communication include:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat
  • Social media

Also make sure that the company website is easy to navigate, has all the necessary information to guide the clients and loads fast. However, ensure that when you receive request from the customer, you forward it to the right team. 

Customer expect for their problems to be solved right away. Customer satisfaction is sure a lot of work but if achieved it has a huge role in helping you gain loyalty and increased revenue. 

Final Words

Customer service is not all about being fast. Fast first response is necessary but you must provide high quality customer service the whole time. More than 90% of your customers will buy from you again if your customer service is of high quality. Once your customer support is up to par, the other things you can do is carry out surveys for customer satisfaction, take customer feedback into account and maybe offer free shipping on return. 

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