How to Host Your Own Website – A Complete Guide for a Newbie

Hosting a website means making it available on the internet. Whether it is a personal blog or a business website, having one provides numerous benefits, including improved online presence and credibility.

This beginner’s guide will explain to you how to host a website and provide you with tips on which hosting types and plans are best for your website. It is very important to choose best & low price plans ecommerce hosting sites company for your store to load fast.

Ready? Let’s start now.

What is Required to Host a Website?

A professional website can be created in just a few clicks. The next two items are required to host a website. 

  • Domain Name 
  • Web Hosting Plan

Selecting a domain name should be your first priority when starting a website, and then choosing a hosting plan to host a website. Only here you will get the cheap reseller hosting india provider with unlimited ssd storage.

In addition to the technologies and services required for your website to be viewed on the Internet, the web hosting provider also offers the web space where your website files are stored.

1. Purchase a Domain Name

A name is required for any website. The initial step is to get a domain name for your future site. The site’s name will turn into its super durable location, permitting clients to track down it on the Web.

A particular domain name can be enrolled with a trustworthy organization or bought from the ongoing proprietor. If you are confused of where to register your domain name, visit the website to do so.

They provide user-friendly domain management tools that will make connecting your domain to any hosting provider simple in the future.

These days, domain registration service is offered by all web hosting companies. Therefore, you can register a domain name and host your website on the same platform.

2. Select the Best Hosting Provider

There are numerous platforms from which to design a website, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Wix, all of which are free to use. If you are a beginner, it is best to use WordPress to build your website.

To host your website, web hosting companies offer you ready-to-use web servers. They handle all the technical data and offer simple-to-use tools for hosting management to website owners. The Linux platform gives server for best and cheap vps hosting india with budget managed virtual private server.

There are a huge number of web hosting companies available. DomainRacer is best web hosting provider that offer cheapest hosting plan with plenty of beneficial features. Additionally, you can get a domain name for free for at least a year.

3. Three Types of Web hosting Server

Selecting a cheap hosting plan is crucial when building a website. Different hosting types offer different resources. You should think about a few factors when choosing a hosting service, including storage space, memory, and the number of CPUs.

Once you’ve decided which hosting type you want, choosing a hosting plan is simpler. Let’s review the common hosting types that the majority of hosting companies provide and consider the benefits each.

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is very cost-effective with DomainRacer and best for beginner-friendly, low to medium-sized websites with low traffic volume.
  • VPS Hosting: If you are concerned about security but do not want to invest in a dedicated server, this should be your preferred option.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated servers are ideal for high-traffic websites, large e-commerce sites, streaming websites, and web applications because it allows for maximum customization, configuration, large storage and flexibility.

The best web hosting provides DomainRacer come with all the tools you need to build a website for your company. You must first determine the precise services that a web hosting company offers, such as:

  • Unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to secure your website 
  • Free website backup and migration service
  • One-click installer for 450 top application
  • LiteSpeed servers that can load your pages up to 21 times faster
  • High-performance security tools like cPguard and DDoS protection
  • Free website builder tools that include 1000+ Theme, Template and layout
  • 21×7 Expert tech support via chat, Email, Phone and ticket system

Some top web hosting providers, like DomainRacer offer all the aforementioned features with their hosting plans. They even offer a free domain name as an incentive to use their cheap hosting service. DomainRacer offers several hosting plans at very affordable price. 


If you want to build a successful website, the domain name and cheap web hosting account are both crucial components. Do your research, consider your needs, and pick the best company to host your website. 

DomainRacer is a trusted web hosting company and they provide domain name and hosting services under the reasonable cost. 

Select the ideal hosting package for your website, then upload the website files to enable user access. We believe that this article has given you a better understanding of how to create and host a website for your business. 

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