How to have more money left over after every month

Many are looking for ways to save money each month – and there are many possibilities. Some options include things such as creating a strict budget and then actually making yourself stick to it or spending less money on expensive days out and activities or luxurious items. Another one is to set aside a certain amount of money in a savings account. But sometimes, these things are easier said than done and many of us don’t know where to start.

While you might be able to lower your expenses for things like going out for drinks or watching a movie, necessary expenses like gas and electricity are the expensive ones we just can’t get around. For years, many of us have been struggling with the constant price increases of electricity and gas – and they are expected to get even more expensive within the next year. This costs the average person large sums of money, which many could use for more meaningful things. However, there seems to be no way around these expensive bills – or is there?

Changing your electricity and gas provider can be worthwhile

Excessive gas and electric rates are a major matter of expense for many. The majority of people are part of the so-called basic supply of electricity and thus in the most expensive tariff, which they often don’t even realize. But did you know that changing your electricity and gas provider might be an easy solution for you to have more money left over every month? You can compare your electricity costs with those of other providers. And if they are too high, you can switch to another supplier – this way you can save more money on your account!

Although you will find many cheaper providers that will save you money, few actually change their electricity provider, but instead, stay with the same one for a long time. You may ask yourself: How come people don’t change tariffs, even if they know that there are better and cheaper options out there?

Many are scared of a tariff change: As often, people are afraid of overlooking something since they don’t know enough and don’t know what to pay attention to when looking for a new electricity and gas tariff. Some may think the effort is too great and don’t even bother to invest time into informing themselves about other services.

Another difficulty is that some tariffs have extra conditions for you to get a discount and might even use catches to keep you in their contract for longer than you anticipated. If you don’t pay attention to this, you’ll find yourself in a contract with an electricity provider that charges an excessive amount of money. And getting out of a contract can be difficult and might even lead to a legal dispute with the supplier – which we want to avoid at all costs.

So, how can I safely change my electricity and gas provider? 

Of course, you can look into other electricity providers yourself – many times you’ll quickly find cheaper or better suppliers on the market. But actually, making the change can come with some difficulties, especially for those who have little expertise in this area. Many people are unaware of the pitfalls in some contracts, so they can easily be led astray by what seems to be a great offer. Hence, it’s important to know what you’re doing and what you need to focus on.

Keeping track of it all and finding the right provider can be difficult – so a tariff exchange service might the best option for you! The Tarifbörse knows the pitfalls you might stumble into, such as the contract containing hidden increases or ties. It also knows the best suppliers on the market, which makes the process of changing your tariff so much easier for you!

By analyzing your current tariff, you can find out how much money you can save. Because we know the best electricity suppliers and compare the offers on the market, we can help you find the best tariff option for your desired cost savings. This way, you can change to the best provider and effectively reduce your electricity costs – which means more financial freedom and less frustration because of bills!


High electricity and gas bills can be a big part of your monthly expenses, making it difficult to reach your saving goals. If you think there’s a chance you might have the wrong provider and that there’s a better tariff option for you out there – you’re probably right. And with the right help, you can easily find a cheaper, more suitable solution for your household and even avoid tariff increases in the long run.

Just have your tariff analyzed free of charge and find the right provider this way. Without much effort, you’ll be one step closer to your savings goals. Just by changing your electricity provider, you’ll have more money left over every month – without even needing to restrict yourself.

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