How To Give Your Partner The Best Massages Ever?

Massages are an amazing gift for your body, and they can bring you peace and even get rid of ailments tormenting your body. Whether you go for a professional massage treatment at a spa, home or get one from your partner at home, massages are the best.

Professional treatments are amazing because they are the much-needed bodywork your aching muscles have been craving, but what if it gets more amazing than that. What if you receive one from your partner? Trust us, it brings its own set of rewards with itself.

Couples that experience massages from their significant other at home form a beautiful bond that benefits them physically and emotionally. This is because these massages show love and affection for your partner. Also, you get to know about their vulnerabilities when you have your hands all over their body, and they can feel more comfortable in your company, which will greatly benefit your relationship.

So, now we know how romantic and intimate giving a massage can be. However, if you are not familiar with the movements and rhythms of the procedure, it can be very intimidating, which can turn into a slobby rubdown instead of an intimate therapeutic massage.

You don’t have to be a thorough professional to give your partner a good time but still, here are a few tried and tested techniques to give your partner a soothing experience.

Using the proper technique to perform the massage

Have basic knowledge about the strokes involved in a proper massage

First of all, let’s get something clear; you are not going to be a pro masseur after reading this guide, nor does your partner want you to be. They just look forward to the closeness and warmth of the intimacy your massage will give them. So, just be calm and create a loving environment to be properly relaxed and get rid of all the stress and tension.

That said, there are some main strokes in a massage that your partner will greatly enjoy. They are as follows:

1. Effleurage

The most common massage stroke in a massage is effleurage, and it consists of a smooth gliding movement that relaxes the contours of the body using the palm of one or both hands.

2. Petrissage

This type of stroke includes lifting, rolling, and squeezing the muscles beneath the hands, releasing tension and increasing lymphatic drainage.

3. Friction

This is the deepest stroke involved in the process. By applying this stroke, the partner giving the massage deals with the deepest muscles by placing the weight of their body on their hand to release the pressure slowly and gently.

Pay attention to the muscles, Not the bones

While massaging your partner, you should pay attention to their muscles that have been worked up for many days. Don’t just skip over their actual needs to pump their bones like you’re playing the piano on them. The important points to work on are the neck, arms, legs, feet, shoulders, and back.

The important thing to remember is always to keep a gentle touch while looking for the knots that are troubling your partner, and when you find that point, and knead them with your hands to bring peace and relaxation to your partner’s body.

You should never put intense pressure on the bones of your partner, like the spine and the tailbone. Always keep a soft touch while working on the bones. Take your time while locating the knots and keep their comfort as your number one priority.

Keep a soft touch while applying pressure

Gently knead the muscles with your fingers and palms of your hands to keep them relaxed and on their toes, at the same time, because your touch will keep them feeling relaxed and on fire at the same time. Steady and firm pressure will not only help to enhance the blood circulation but will also enable them to loosen up.

You are not supposed to throw all of your weight on them because that will end up causing discomfort. You’re trying to fix them, not break them. A few things to keep in mind about applying too much pressure are:

  • The best way to feel the muscle’s movement and bring relief under the skin is by applying just the right amount of pressure. At this time, your partner will let you know by uttering relaxation sounds like humming or other terms of endearment to you. The important thing to remember is that you should not hear sounds of pain or discomfort. If you hear something like that, just lower the pressure to ease them.
  • Sometimes putting pressure for a while can be tiresome, especially if you tend to get tired after a while. Try using tennis balls or some round soft substance instead of your hands. The ball must be placed on the muscle and gently rolled forwards and back to knead out the knots.

Massage slowly and gently

The purpose of any massage is always to make your partner feel relaxed and at peace. However, if you make haste, your partner can feel bad and feel like you’re not into it. So, keep the movements slow and in rhythm to penetrate farther and deeper into their muscles to bring the relief they desperately need from your hands. Some of the things to remember are:

  • Be soft and gentle in your strokes, and take your time while performing the massage without any unsubtle or jerky motions that can dampen the mood.
  • Also, be just in your approach while giving a full body massage to your partner. It means that your time massaging their body should be equally distributed to address issues all over the body, making them happy that you are paying proper attention to their needs. They’ll appreciate you more for it.

Communicate with your partner during the massage

The massage treatment should not be a snooze fest, and it should be a way to keep both of you connected. While giving a massage, you should ask your partner about the pressure intensity and follow their direction if they want you to loosen up on the pressure or increase it.

Ask them if they are in pain or if they want something done differently. This communication not only relaxes them and makes them feel safe, but it also increases your respect in their eyes because you kept their concerns above everything during this intimate procedure.

Perform a full body massage

Start the procedure with the neck and shoulders

Before starting the full body massage procedure, you should ask your partner about the areas they want to get treated first if they are suffering from extreme pain. If that’s not the case, then you should start with the neck and shoulders. Most people keep a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders, and if you don’t have time to do a full body massage, you can focus on this area, and it will instantly put your partner in a state of relaxation.

To give your partner a neck and shoulders massage, you have to keep these things in mind:

  • Start with gently grasping the side of the neck while slowly and gently pressing the muscles and tendons. Knead with your thumb and fingers while massaging the head at the same time with your other hand.
  • Next, rest your fingers on the shoulders while placing the thumbs on the neck muscles. Apply pressure on the shoulders and press in with your thumb. This pressure application should be very soft, slow, and rhythmic.
  • Another thing to know is that you can also massage your partner’s shoulders with your forearms if you want. Rest your forearms on either shoulder and slowly rock them front and backward to break the knots and loosen up the shoulder muscles.

Rub the back

You should work on the back after the neck and shoulders treatment. Work your way down from the shoulders to either side of the back while rubbing and massaging the muscles as you go downwards.

From there onwards, you should move onto the lower back, where a soft but precise touch is required to knead out the tight muscles with your hands and thumbs.

  • An important thing to remember is to exert pressure around the spine on the other bones present on either side of the spine, and no pressure should be applied directly on the spine.
  • To properly work on the spinal area, you should kneel beside your partner, which will increase intimacy during the procedure and give you access to place the heel of your hand on the lower muscles of the back with fingers pointing away from the direction of the body. Place both hands on one another and lean into the movement to give your partner a deeper massage treatment. Keep doing this movement and then switch to the other side.

Work on the arms and legs

The next areas on your to-do list are arms and legs. For that, use both of your hands to form a circle around the upper arm of your partner while kneading the arm muscles with the palms and fingers and working your way down to the wrists. These warm movements will increase intimacy and put your partner’s arms into a state of zen. Repeat the same movement on the other arm and on other body parts that are long, like leg muscles and thighs.

Massage the hands and feet

For the next step, have your partner turn over so that their face and torso are now facing you. Take their hands in yours and massage each of them between your thumb and forefinger. This movement will properly take care of all of the pain or tension in the palms, thumbs, and each finger. Repeat the same movement with feet. Follow a soft-touch approach while handling the bones because increased pressure can be very uncomfortable for your partner.

A few things to remember while operating on the hands and feet are:

  • The strokes applied on the feet must be gentle. You must not even jokingly tickle your partner because that will disrupt the state of relaxation your partner will currently be in
  • Also, bend your hands and feet forward and backward for a softer approach to stretch the muscles.

End with the face and head

For a soothing head massage, you should kneel behind your partner and ask them to lie down so that your hands are on either side of their temples. Start encircling the temples with a rubbing movement. Next, you should lightly rub the forehead to smoothen any tension present.

Create a relaxing environment

Choose a peaceful location

While performing a massage, you should take charge and mute out all outside distractions for your partner so that they can properly enjoy the treatment and not be constantly interrupted by distractions. You should choose the space inside the house where noises like outside music, traffic noises, and other people shouting outside are at a minimum or not present. The obvious choice is always the bedroom, but you should choose according to your house’s structure.

Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Ultimately, the place you choose to perform the massage must be clean and completely void of any dust or dirty laundry.
  • Choose the room where both of you can get proper privacy without any distractions or interruptions like children barging in, roommates strutting, or pets coming and going.
  • Keep the temperature of the room nice and comfortable so that your partner can enjoy the massage.

Prepare the massage area

Focus on preparing the massage area because one of the important elements in a relaxing massage is the massage surface. Professional therapists use a proper dedicated table, but you don’t have to do that. Just use a flat surface that can be a bed or a floor as long as it can hold your partner’s weight.

A few things to keep in mind while setting up the massage surface are:

  • Line the massage area with clean, smooth, and comfortable sheets. If your partner tends to get cold while getting a massage, keep a warm blanket lined in the massage area. This preparation is really necessary if you want your partner to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Keep a small pillow on hand if your partner wants to rest their head during the massage.

Consider lighting and music

Very important elements in keeping the massage area as comfortable as you can are the intensity of light and soft music playing in the background that is soothing and not harsh like rock & roll. Any overhead lights present in the room should be turned off, and if there is direct exposure to sunlight in the room, close the blinds. Candles are a very effective solution if you want to keep the lighting romantic and full of intimacy. Choose the music according to your partner’s choice, but you really can’t go wrong with a peaceful instrumental beat.

Help your partner get comfortable

It’s up to the two of you what your partner wears, but if clothes are worn, they must be very thin and light so that the clothing doesn’t disrupt the flow of the massage.

  • Ask your partner to lie down on the massage surface. Ask them how they feel about the temperature and everything you set up. If they approve everything, start the massage with the upper mentioned method and make them more comfortable with every stroke.


Massages are amazing, and they are part of our relaxation regime because of their efficacy. You can get professionally pampered with different and amazing types of massage according to your needs and requirements. However, what makes a massage perfect is the intimacy between the two people, which comes from getting a therapeutic massage from your partner.

When you give massages to your partner, you know their insecurities, likes and dislikes, and reservations. Also, you would not rush the process and want your partner to get as comfortable as possible through your massage.

So, learn a few things about this amazing procedure and form a much stronger bond with your partner. So, learn a few things about this amazing procedure and form a much stronger bond with your partner. Or, if you are searching for a reliable massage services provider whether in a spa setting or at your place, Expert can be best you best companion. Be it Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology or Sports Massage, Expert’s massage therapists lead the UK market hands down.

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