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How To Get More Likes On Facebook Posts For Free

If you use Facebook, you must have wondered how you can get more likes and engagements on your posts, especially if you own a business page.

While there are several tactics you can employ, some of them require you to spend money, such as Facebook ads and buying fans.

However, do you know there is a free tool you can use to get more likes on your Facebook posts? You can get many likes on your Facebook posts for free by using an FB auto liker tool.

The Zebrabuzz FB auto liker can boost your Facebook likes remarkably by automatically liking comments, replies, posts and, in fact, other Facebook pages.

Some people may be worried that this tool might like some improper pages or comments. 

However, you should know that it is predefined. This means you get to decide the kind of comments, posts and pages it gives thumbs up to, so it will not spam likes.

This is arguably the most effective way you can get many likes on your Facebook posts instantly. What’s more? You can also use it with some other tactics for optimum effect.

  • Post Quality, Relevant, and Useful Content

Sometimes, you are not getting enough likes on your Facebook posts because they are not valuable to the audience.

Many social media users will not interact with posts and pages that do not interest them or are not relevant.

Therefore, ensure you make quality posts. Users will interact with your page, like and share when your page consistently delivers credible content.

High-quality and relevant posts are also shareable. This means people will be more willing to expose your posts to their own friends when it is valuable, which increase traffic and, ultimately, likes and interactions.

  • Keep Your Facebook Posts Short

Still on the content you put out, try your best to keep things short. Facebook and other social media platforms are designed for people to scroll through contents quickly. 

At times, your posts may actually be quality but too bulky, so people don’t get to read through, nor will they like them. When users see short content, they are more likely to go through, engage, share and, yes, like them.

  • Allow Comments and Respond To Them

Facebook comments are a fantastic way to boost traffic, engagement and reach for your page. When a user comments on a post, their friends see the post and comment because it appears on their timelines.

As more people get to see your post, you are more likely to get more likes. You can also use the FB auto commenter or autoresponder to reply to comments on your page automatically.

This tool can automate instant private and public replies to users who comment on your page. It is a core feature of Zebrabuzz, just like the FB auto liker.

Besides using the auto commenter to respond, you can also acknowledge your users’ comments with likes using the FB auto liker. In a way, this also contributes to getting many likes on your Facebook posts.

  • Use Visual Content

Photos and videos are a better way to communicate and increase engagements. Instead of long blocks of text that put users off, you should use media content instead.

You can also use images and videos with a little bit of text. Photos and videos often get many likes because people get to see the content quicker. They also get more shares which means increased traffic and many likes for you.

  • Host Contests and Giveaways

This is one of the most effective ways you can increase traffic on your page. Who doesn’t want freebies?

You can host contests on your Facebook page and make it fairly easy to enter so more people will participate. 

To increase your likes, you might want to consider making one of the criteria to enter the competition: users like your Facebook page, your posts and share them.

If you cannot afford a giveaway, you can also offer significant discounts on your products and services or free shipping.

  • Use Other Platforms to Create Publicity

Other platforms can help you increase your likes on your Facebook posts for free. For instance, you can add the share button to your email broadcasts.

Your email subscribers are most likely those who are more interested in your content, so they will be most willing to help share it. 

Therefore, add the button to share your content on Facebook for their friends to see.

Also, if you have other social media accounts, especially those you may have a respectable number of followers on, ensure you share your Facebook posts there so your followers can see and like.

Getting more likes on Facebook is essential, and now, you don’t have to spend a dime to get your content as far as you want.

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