How to Get Health Insurance with an Organ Donor Cover?

Medical science has witnessed some of the most significant advancements in the past few years. Among these, organ donation is among the significant advances in modern medicine. This growth has given birth to never-ending possibilities. India has observed a sudden rise in the number of organ donation cases. Thankfully, the health insurance industry is adapting to such covers that were ignored earlier. Health insurers, like Care Insurance, are coming forward and offering organ donor cover in their health insurance plans. Medical insurance has become a necessity today as it provides financial backup against an unforeseen event. 

In this article, we explain this benefit in health insurance plans and how it is helpful. 

How Does an Organ Donor Cover Works?

Organ donor cover is a feature in health insurance that offers coverage up to a certain limit for the organ donor expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance provides coverage for in-patient hospitalization, treatments and surgery-related costs. So, in case a receiver requires an organ, the medical expenses of the insured towards the organ donor are covered. If you have opted for Care from Care Health Insurance, then the company will pay you up for the medical expenses up to a specified amount if the donation confirms the Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994 (amended) and other applicable laws & rules. 

The average costs of significant organ transplant in India are as follows:

  • For the liver transplant, it can cost you between Rs. 20-30 lakhs
  • For a heart transplant, it can cost you between Rs. 20-25 lakhs
  • For a kidney transplant, it can cost you between Rs. 5-10 lakhs
  • For a cornea transplant, it can cost you between Rs. 50,000 – 1 lakh 

How to Choose an Organ Donor Cover?

A busy lifestyle is increasingly beginning to affect our health. Also, ageing and family medical history are factors that increase the risks of serious ailments. Those having chronic illnesses often need long-term treatment. In some severe cases, an organ transplant is necessary to ensure a new lease of life for the patient. However, considering medical inflation, the overall medical expenses incurred by an individual may be too high. Hence, it is essential to choose health care plans with organ donor cover with high sum insured to minimise the financial impact of expensive medical treatments.

While reviewing health care plans with organ donor cover, you must read the policy wordings to know about the exclusions and other terms and conditions of the policy. It will help prevent any confusion or delays when filing claims. Also, check the presence of network hospitals in your nearby location to ensure immediate availability of cashless medical treatment. It is better option for you to know about insurance adjuster.

Final Word

Having medical insurance is a must for everyone as it secures them during any medical emergency.

With the help of comprehensive health care plans, you can reduce the burden of medical expenses that may occur due to a major organ transplant surgery. For example, ‘Care’, an affordable health policy by Care insurance offers multiple benefits, including in-patient hospitalization, ambulance cover, pre and post hospitalization, and domiciliary hospitalization. 

For more information about this benefit, you can visit the company’s official website or call them on their toll-free number. The customer care team will help you in buying the plan and will help in solving your queries. 

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