How to get free online courses from Udemy, edX, and Coursera?

When it comes to online learning there are various opportunities present for you. Some websites issue Free Online Courses while others offer a free-trial-based version of the course which if you like then you have to pay for full to unlock it. But today we are talking about free courses offered by edX, Udemy, and Coursera, as you already know these are some of the most reputed platforms for online learning and offer courses of accredited universities from all over the world. But the real question is how you can get free courses from one of these amazing learning platforms, well to answer that you would have to go into a little detail here;

1. Signing up with the platform

The first thing that you need to do is to sign up with the platform of your choice, you would have to provide your personal information but don’t provide any financial one as there is a trick that you ought to try real soon. After registering with the platform you will be provided with the course catalog and all the courses that specific platform offers will be made available to you. If there is a customizability option through which you can go for a customized search such as looking for free courses then do that and some of these might end up in your lap. Other than that singing up with one of these platforms for the first time makes you eligible for a couple of courses without being charged for them.

2. Applying for financial aid

The next thing that can do the trick for you is to apply for financial aid as this is an option made available to you on Coursera. What you do here is to choose a course that you want to enroll in and then instead of enrolling in it you apply for financial aid. Make sure that the course you are going for has financial aid application available, now click on the button to proceed to the application. Basically, it asks you the questions such as why you are applying for this course, how completing this course will help you to excel at your career, and such. Last but not least they ask you to take a loan over small interest and then pay at your own terms and if you are not considering this option then you have to explain that as well.

After submitting your financial aid application it will take about 14 days for the final decision to come through. After that, you can continue with the course free of cost if the application gets approved.

3. Using discount services

If nothing comes to avail then there are such services out there partnering up with these learning platforms that can provide you with some amazing discounts. You will definitely be able to get your hands on plenty of Free Online Courses and even if these are not made entirely free for you the discount value might tempt you to engage in it and see it through.

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