How to Fake GPS Location on your Phone?

Changing the location on iPhone or Android means tricking the device into telling that the apps are located somewhere you are not present. When you are GPS spoofing, every location-based app on your smartphone will be tricked. It may be weird considering that we use GPS for tasks that require our location, like getting weather updates or finding directions. However, there are times that you want to change your phone’s location to access things that are not available to your location. However, there are no phone settings that allow you to change your location; you will need help with your third-party application.  There may be hundreds of programs that allow you to change GPS location on my phone. This detailed article will tell you how to fake GPS locations on iPhone and Android devices with the right software.

Change GPS Location on iPhone Using a PC Program

There is no way an iPhone will allow you to change your location settings internally. Therefore, if you want to fake GPS location on iPhone, you will need to access a program, which is specially made for it.

Wondershare Dr.Fone-Virtual Location is a PC program created especially to provide users with a reliable way to change the location on the phone. Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a whole suite of solutions for users, and Virtual Location is among them.

Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone-Virtual Location

Dr.Fone-Virtual Location is such a PC program that is built with safety and trustworthiness in mind. But you have to know the security and reliability of this software. Here are some of the key features of this app: 

  • Usability: Through this PC program, you can fake GPS location on iPhone to any place you want. In fact, in one simple click, you can virtually move from one location to another. 
  • Speed: The conventional static GPS spoofing programs are slow. When you have a program like Dr. Fone-Virtual Location, there is no point in waiting. You can define different sports routes by simulating the speed of your driving, cycling, or walking. 
  • Diversity: Whether you are a gamer or explorer, there is no restriction to who can use this program to change GPS location on iPhone. You can easily change your location and enjoy various activities worldwide. 
  • Transfer or Share GPX File to Route: The app allows you to transfer or share GPX files of single or various paths to find beautiful scenery. It will allow you to ride or hike various areas safely.
  • No Worries of Crashes: There is always the risk of games crashing in the middle when you use traditional emulators. However, with Dr. Fone-Virtual Location, you can be assured that there will be no crashing. While it helps you fake GPS location on iPhone, the program does not impact other functions on your device.

How To Use The Program?

Following are some simple steps that will allow you to change GPS location on iPhone through Dr. Fone-Virtual Location:

  • Launch the Software On Your PC: Launch the Dr.Fone Virtual Location on your Mac and connect your device.
  • Connect Your Phone: You can either connect your iPhone/iPad with wi-fi or USB cable.

  • Select the Desired Mode to Change GPS Location: Once connected, you will see your current location on the map. You have to choose the location where you want to appear.

Confirm Your Location: After you have your new location, select the Move Here button. Now the pin will move to your new location.

Change GPS Location on Android

Now that you know how to fake GPS location on iPhone let’s move on to Android devices. Similar to iPhone, you will need an app to change the GPS location on the phone. But which is a safe app to change GPS location on my phone? The answer to your question is the “Fake GPS location”.

Steps to Use Fake Location App:

You can change GPS location on phone with these simple steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store and Install the app “Fake GPS Location”
  • On your device setting, select developers options and set the Fake Location app as a mock location app.
  • Change GPS location on phone as required and press the bottom right Play button.


There you have it: an easy and effective way to change GPS location on iPhone and Android devices. These two applications are reliable and have been trusted by many.


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