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How To Effectively Manage Stormwater Runoff On Your Property

Learning how to effectively manage stormwater runoff on your property can help you to maintain ultimate peace of mind when harsh winter weather or freak storms hit your local area. Poorly maintained stormwater drainage can lead to all manner of problems that can be very risky, as well as being particularly costly and time consuming to fix or resolve. Fortunately, this handy guide contains some great steps that you can follow to effectively manage stormwater runoff on your property today! Read on to learn more.

What is stormwater made up of?

Stormwater is more than rain, as there are actually lots of other substances that will be collected during a bad storm. It’s fair to say that your average stormwater runoff has been combined with all manner of organic matter such as soil as well as garden debris like branches and leaves. To add to this, it’s possible that there are some chemical fertilisers and pesticides lurking inside too, and these can certainly build up over time leading to some serious issues for both you and your local natural environment. Poorly regulated stormwater contains lots of junk, however well maintained stormwater drainage will no doubt keep these added extras to a minimum. Contact a licensed plumber to inspect your stormwater drains and see what’s inside your runoff – this will help you to identify any potential issues or room for improvement!

How is stormwater collected?

Stormwater travels through guttering, downpipes and other similar sources to eventually reach your stormwater discharge drains. Roof water, surface water and even subsoil water is collected, as stormy weather won’t just target your roof without falling onto your garden and soil nearby. Each stormwater management system is unique so that it can match up with your home’s wants and needs, as influencing factors such as your home’s position and location can impact on how your stormwater gets collected.

Impacts of Stormwater:

  • Pollution – Stormwater is untreated, so it’s generally mixed with fertilisers, pesticides and ground chemicals that are then sent to lakes, rivers, oceans and more
  • Change river flows and flooding patterns – poor stormwater management can alter river flows and damage the natural rhythm and flooding patterns nearby
  • Reduces or removes the opportunity for irrigation – Irrigation, a way of watering your crops and plants, is reliant upon accessible water taken from under your garden (which will have been removed by your drainage system)

Tips to help you manage your stormwater runoff

If you would like to better manage your stormwater runoff, then use these expert tips and ideas:

  • Do not use fertilisers, pesticides or other chemicals on your land
  • Get rid of leaves, twigs, and garden debris to minimise blocked drains
  • Plant strong trees that can decrease surface run-off and help bind the soil
  • Craft yourself a rain garden to minimise stormwater run-off and help promote improved irrigation
  • Be sure to check your roof, gutters, and downpipes on a regular basis
  • Contact a licensed plumber to inspect your stormwater drains as often as possible

Learning how to effectively manage stormwater runoff on your property has never been such a simple task. Don’t forget to contact a licensed plumber to inspect your stormwater drains at least once every few months, as this way you can ensure your drains are in the best condition all year round. 


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