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How to DIY Clean Split AC at Your Home

An air conditioner will help you to sleep better at night. It makes the room cooler, which will lead to a comfortable environment for you to sleep in. That is why you have to maintain your AC regularly. To help you, we provide the latest DIY ways of how to clean your split AC.

How to clean your split AC

Besides performing regular aircon service, your AC will blow cool and fresh air if you also clean it regularly.

Dry it first

Before you perform any cleaning, make sure that your AC is already dry. You can dry its inside by running it on ‘fan mode’ for 15-30 minutes.

However, if you do not use it within one or two hours before cleaning it, you do not have to run it on that mode.

Drying the AC before you clean it will evaporate all the moisture that still in it.

Read the user’s manual

Since you are not an HVAC professional, you may not fully understand how to remove certain parts of your AC. That is why you must read the user’s manual first. Check the manual on how to lift the front panel and air filter since we will cover how to clean them on the following points.

Shut off the split AC

Turn off your split AC entirely. Before performing any cleaning, make sure you unplug any cables from your AC if they are still plugged in. This will prevent any accidents and stopping any power from coming into your AC.

Cover your indoor unit with a plastic bag

Find a large plastic bag that can cover your indoor unit. The plastic bag will help you prevent the water from making a mess on your wall when you clean your split AC. Also, you will thank the bag when they stop the dust in your AC from falling to the floor.

Detach the front panel

After covering your indoor unit with a plastic bag, now is the time to locate the latch for the front panel of your AC. Locate it to detach the front panel from your unit. After you detach it, wash the panel with clean water and dry it outside.

It is important to lift the panel carefully so you can prevent any accidental damages.

Brush off and wash the air filter

The next thing to do is clean the air filter that you can see after detaching the front panel. Brush off the dust before soaking it in water.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, shake the filter gently to remove the dust before vacuuming it.

Dry all the parts first before attaching them back

Keep in mind not to attach all the parts back after you clean them. You must dry them first. Dry all those parts by:

  • Wiping them with a dry cloth
  • Place them outside for 15 to 30 minutes

Remember not to dry them under direct sunlight because the UV radiation may damage the parts of your AC.

Clean the drain line

The drain line of your AC can become clogged if there is a pileup of dust and debris. To prevent it, you can try to vacuum the inside of your drain line. All you have to do is:

  • Detach the drain line from your unit
  • Vacuum the inside
  • Flush the inside after you vacuum it

Turn on your AC for 30 minutes

Congratulations, you successfully clean the indoor unit of your split AC and its drain line. Now is the time to reattach all the parts back. Afterwards, you have to turn on your AC for 30 minutes. Run it at the lowest temperature to drain out any remaining water in the unit.

Do you still need HVAC professionals if you regularly clean your AC?

In short, yes!

Based on the HVAC professionals in India, Singapore, or Malaysia, the DIY steps of how to clean your split AC is not the substitute for regular aircon servicing. You still need your go-to AC service contractor to perform professional maintenance.

A reliable AC service company will help maintain your current AC to perform as efficiently as a brand new AC. It is possible because a trustworthy constructor will perform a regular checkup of your AC and also recommend any preventive maintenance if they are necessary to do. As a result, you can save money in the long run because you will avoid hefty servicing cost if you maintain your AC regularly.

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