How to Decorate your pooja room in a beautiful way?

The pooja room, your home’s most sacred space, can be as simple as complex as you like it. The constant thread, though, is that it should emit positive spiritual energy, regardless of size or style. While the room layout and large shastra play an essential part in this, we are discussing how suitable furnishings and decorations can also help create a pleasant and peaceful apace.

Space & Fiscal

Do not forget to consider the budget needed for a separate pooja room while designing the decor of your home. This room should fit the rest of your home’s esthetics. The space should not be large or little in proportion relative to the size of your home. If you can’t make room for a private pooja room in your home, try putting a little temple in a place that provides solitude and where you can concentrate easily on your prayer. Such temples can be found on the market.

The right way.

It is stated that the room or temple of Pooja can provide health, prosperity, and happiness. The pooja room or the temple should be facing north or east. Even the north-eastern part of the house is a good place. According to Vaastu Shastra, it should never face south, southwest, or southeast areas in your home. This is the right way to do for decorating pooja room design .

According to Vaastu Shastra, the optimal placement for the pooja room is the north-eastern angle of the house. A room or temple clear of clutters permits positive energy to flow into the house. This creates visual confusion and spoils the peaceful atmosphere of the space.

Temple with a wall to save space

Such temples also come with tiny cabinets, making it easy for you to store your important Pooja. To provide a tranquil sensation, you can hang a few brass lamps and bells from the temple.


A temple on the wall saves space

Standing cottage that fits well

These are open-shelved and larger than wall units. These units can be placed above an existing base or autonomously in the corner of the room—which would show them but maintain a certain amount of solitude. A standing pooja unit should mix with the rest of the room decor. The open part of such units can work as a temple, while Pooja essentials can be stored in the closed sections.

A temple in your dormitory

You might not be able to spare a whole room to build your pooja space when living in a tiny flat or house. In that situation, the pooja unit might have to be placed in another part of the house. In other cases, you may have to restrict the room in your bedroom to set up the temple, even if it is not a good idea. But if there is no way out, situate the temple, so north-east or east-facing it. Remember to set your feet as you sleep away from the temple.


Although it is not a better idea, space restrictions may compel you to create an area for puja in your bedroom.

Location of worship in your kitchen

The pooja unit should not be installed in a kitchen, according to Vaastu Shastra. But if you must and cannot prevent it, make sure you put it in the northeast of the kitchen. As you can’t spare your pooja temple a lot of space in your kitchen, choose a model that appears lovely yet tiny. Over the temple, there should be no cabinets. Try to place the temple on the left or right of the cooker.

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