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How To Declutter Your House In One Day – Practical Advice From Royal Craft Wood

Decluttering your house in one day can seem daunting, but it is very possible with a good plan and the right supplies. Before you begin, make sure that you have gathered all of the necessary materials such as trash bags, packing boxes, labels, tape, and markers. Additionally, having an extra set of hands to help can make the task much easier. Of course, it is quite difficult to clean the house of garbage in one day, but it is quite possible if you approach the task wisely. We took some good advice from our partner, Royal Craft Wood, a manufacturer of bamboo home goods. 

In order to successfully declutter your home in one day, the most important thing to do is to set aside enough time for the process. Depending on the size of your house and how much stuff you’re trying to get rid of, this could easily take up an entire day or more. If you are working alone, then it is best to break down the task into smaller chunks so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Sorting everything

Once you have a timeline figured out for yourself or with any additional helpers you may have enlisted in the process, it is time to start! Begin by sorting through each room separately; this will help keep things organized and manageable. Start by going through items like clothes that haven’t been worn in some time or items that are no longer useful. Be honest with yourself when deciding what goes and what stays; if it hasn’t been used or isn’t something you need anymore then let it go! As you go through each item decide whether it should be donated (if still functional), recycled (if no longer usable), thrown away (if broken beyond repair) or kept (if sentimental). Place these items in their respective piles for later use.

Don’t forget the secret places

After making your way through each room and sorting everything out accordingly, it’s important not to forget about closets and storage areas like attics or basements. These places tend to accumulate a lot of clutter over time since they are rarely visited or even thought about until needed again one day—which might never happen if they remain full of forgotten items! Going through these areas can take some extra time since there may be lots of boxes filled with various things; however once they are sorted properly they can be used as great storage spaces moving forward.

Leave what you need & discard the rest

Once all of the items have been sorted into their respective categories and everything has been cleaned up accordingly, it is now time to actually declutter! Pack up whatever needs donating into large trash bags clearly labeled with donation pick-up details (if necessary); recycle any broken pieces; discard anything hazardous; give away anything sentimental that another family member might want; put away heirlooms for safe keeping; store seasonal clothing where indicated depending on climate; and donate any toys which are not being used anymore but still in good condition–allowing someone else who may not be able to afford them otherwise enjoy them too!

Finally, before calling it a day take some time to really appreciate how much space has been cleared up from getting rid of both physical items as well as mental clutter. As difficult as this process was initially starting out with a plan allowed for successful organization within one single day—leaving everyone feeling refreshed knowing that all of those unnecessary odds-and-ends are no longer clogging up our living spaces!

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