How to create a QR code for Non-Fungible Tokens and secure your data asset?

With a new form of monetary currencies called NFT and crypto currencies making new waves during the elevating success of the digital era, the need for creating an easy yet secure way to collect these new currency forms is highlighted by most modern citizens.

While most people are now introduced and immersed with the existence of crypto currencies like Bit coin, Etherium and more, the idea about NFT or non-fungible tokens are still vague and hard to understand for those who are starting to integrate the use of them in their assets such as art, music, photos or videos.

And as they have been present alongside with other crypto currencies like bit coin and etherium, a comparison between NFTs and normal crypto currencies is laid in place.

Data Changeability

The difference between regular cyrptocurrencies and NFTs is can be traced down its blockchain command that allows its users to create and that is their nature for data changeability. NFTs nature of data changeability is not changeable or be kept to the original source of the code, while normal cryptocurrencies that are fungible have a nature of data changeability that is interchangeable or exchangeable between users and miners.


In terms of the level of security these two cryptocurrencies, both NFT and cryptocurencies like etherium and bit coin have a tight security system thanks to the blockchain command. As mining cryptocurrencies is can be done using a very secured platform, the risk of getting one’s PC infected is lesser, unless you have been redirected to a fake mining platform.

Digital Scarcity

As many cryptocurrencies are emerging as part of the new digital currency movement digital influencers plan to free people with the promise to end money counterfeiting, digital scarcity plays an important role in keeping the cryptoccurencies prices go higher.

And due to NFT non-exchangeable data nature, its digital scarcity is way more higher than regular cryptocurrencies or fungible ones.

How to create a QR code for your NFTs?

Since NFTs are now becoming the next big digital thing that most digital citizens wants to create and own, creating a QR code in storing one is can be made simple using  Canva QR code .

1. Open a safe and reliable and the best QR code generator with logo online.

As NFT is one delicate type of data that users need to protect to keep their attached asset’s value higher than its initial going, it is important for a user to select a QR code generator online that can be trusted and reliable to avoid any data loss.

2. Select the URL category to convert your NFT URL.

Now that most NFTs are stored using an online cryptocurrency website, the solution you should use to convert it into a QR code is the URL QR code. Copy your NFT link and place it to the space provided in the URL category.

3. Click the “Generate Dynamic QR code” icon and generate your QR code.

After you have successfully placed your NFT URL, proceed in generating your QR code by selecting the Generate Dynamic QR code icon.

Through choosing this solution, you can always update your URL anytime and anywhere without the need to create new ones.

4. Customize your NFT QR code’s design.

You can personalize your NFT QR code design and realign them with your brand designing elements through simply selecting the set of module shapes, eye figures and colors; adding your logo, call to action and body frame for easy scanning.

5. Run a scan test to see if it redirects to the right content.

To ensure right content display, always do a scan test before downloading and deploying them.

6. Download your NFT QR code and deploy it online or offline.

Continue in downloading your QR code and deploy it to your online or offline store.

Uses of NFT QR codes

By using a editable QR code to create your NFT QR code, you can utilize these four notable ways.

Giveaways for Events

Storage for Auction NFT Assets

NFT Game Character QR Code

Portal to Display AR version of the NFT Asset


As the advancement of technology is becoming more seamless and contactless over the past few years, people’s means of exchanging various denominations is can be later converted to a newer yet secure set of blockchain command units called cryptocurrencies.

With these digitalization currencies, one should never forget to secure their cryptocurrency with the use of a QR code generator online and create a QR code that seamlessly allows them to open their digital assets with no hassle.

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