How to Create a Great Profile for Undergraduate Admissions?

Something that worries both the senior school students and their parents is profile building for college admissions in India or abroad. As soon as the student steps into the ninth standard, they start thinking of career prospects that would best match their skills and interests. With change in both the occupations and the social structures, the definition of a good or impressive profile has changed through time. Institutions do not look only for high grades or examination scores but they look at one as an individual. The recruiters want the aspirant to stand out from the crowd while also suitable for the upcoming careers. 

One can use the assistance of profile building websites to easily understand the method of structuring an apt profile. Nevertheless, these are some pointers to keep in mind while assembling so:

  • Academic Record
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Standardized Exam Scores (E.g., SAT, IELET, CLAT and JEE according to the appropriate programme)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Extra Curriculum Records
  • Internship experiences 

As you can see from the list of requirements that a variety of things are in demand when a great profile is kept in mind. The candidate needs to keep his or her head clear as to what they want from the undergraduate course either in India or abroad. Fortunately, due to the New Education Policy 2020, students from an early age would study under a multidisciplinary model which would prepare them well to have critical thinking and deal with their chosen subjects. The emphasis on vocational skills along with professional ones by this newly adapted model grooms the pupils to be good at interviews and discussions while having a background in some extracurricular events. Work experiences at this level does not necessarily have to be in the same stream but working in organizations as a volunteer or unpaid intern also works wonders.
The challenging portion is online profile building to study abroad while staying in one’s own country. Having some prior knowledge about one’s area of interest gives a boost. Online courses in such domains of interest supports the decision-making process. This also compliments one’s resume and shows credibility for having a knack in that field. One must be able to point out their own strengths and weaknesses. Persistence, hard work, patience and concentration can bring in sweet results without the aspirants or their families worrying unnecessarily.

A well-rounded personality with diverse ideas would be in high demand. There are multidisciplinary learning websites today like aimed at improving one’s knowledge in the cross-disciplinary scenario keeping in mind to improve creativity and encourage interest in reasoning critically. ACadru is an online platform that also assists students in determining a career path for the future in accordance to their calling which would also be in demand during their employment time frame. Everyone wants to get into great schools, but you should pay special attention to the admissions process and avoid scandals at all costs. 

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