How to collect a DNA sample using a home DNA test kit – here are the steps!

If you need to establish paternity or want to check for any genetic conditions, then chances are you want to do an in-person exam at a doctor’s office to get accurate results – right? Wrong! With today’s technology, you can determine paternity or check for genetic links from the comfort of your own house!

Instead of having to venture into a doctor’s office or laboratory, which can be stressful and time-consuming, you can conduct the procedure and analyze the results when it is the best time for you. If you have a hectic schedule, doing this procedure from the comfort of your house on your own schedule is the best way to go.

Let’s see how you can collect a genetic sample by using a do-it-yourself procedure!

How to use a home DNA test kit

Most home DNA test kits use a buccal swab to determine paternity or establish genetic links, find out more info. Although the word ‘buccal’ can seem confusing, it isn’t – it is simply a swab of your cheek, which is painless, over in seconds, and easy to do yourself. A buccal swab is needed so your healthcare provider or laboratory workers can look at your genes. You can collect this DNA sample on your own by collecting a sample from the inside of your cheek.

Your DNA test kit

When figuring out where to begin, we first need to know what comes in the home DNA test kit. In most cases, you will have 1 Q-tip, or another type of swab for your cheek, and a 1x 10-milliliter screw cap tube. The tube will have your specific patient number on it so your sample isn’t confused with anyone else’s. The patient label usually includes your name, your record number, and your healthcare provider.

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Steps to collecting the sample

Now that you know what to expect in your home DNA test kit, you need to know the proper steps to use the kit for accurate and fast results.

  1. Open the screw cap tube and set the top aside in a  safe place where you won’t lose it. Set the cap down with the inside facing up to ensure no particles or dirt gets inside and contaminates the sample. Set the tube down so it is standing upright and can balance. Make sure you set down the cap and tube on a steady and even surface, like a kitchen counter table.
  2. Open the swab package from the opposite end of the tip of the swab. Make sure when you take the swab out of the package that you do not grab the swab, as this can contaminate the results since bacteria or genetic information from your fingers will get onto the swab.
  3. Peel the swab back from the package.
  4. Place the swab on the inside of your mouth, right on the inside of your cheek.
  5. Rub the inside of your cheek between 5-10 times to ensure enough cells get on the swab for proper testing.
  6. Remove the swab from your mouth carefully.
  7. Place the tip of the swab in the opened tube on the surface. Push the back end of the swan so the tip comes off in the tube. Ensure the tip falls in the tube – if not you may have to try this procedure again with a new kit.


As you can see, taking a buccal swab using a home DNA test kit is easy and painless! Just order one online or buy one in-person for a stress-free and fast method to determine paternity or finding out other genetic information.

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