How to choose the right pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a device that determines the force exerted by a fluid – gas or liquid, when the specific fluid is at rest. This article will act as a guide when you are looking to buy a pressure gauge.

The pressure gauge is a device that you may have come across. Choosing the perfect pressure gauge for you can be challenging since there are vast options. You will have to do your research and go through reviews of some of the gauges in the market. However, you should consider some fundamental factors while looking for a pressure gauge.

The main question here is how you choose a pressure gauge, which is what this article will focus on.

Mechanical or Digital Gauge

The pressure gauge is categorized into two types: digital gauge and manual gauge. Well, if you decide to compare the best option among these two, you will have to go with the digital machine. So why should you invest in the digital pressure gauge? Well, for a start, the digital pressure gauge can communicate wirelessly and is more accurate compared to the mechanical pressure gauge.

For example, the pressure gauge price in Kenya highly depends on whether the device runs digitally or manually.

Steps of selecting a pressure gauge


Pressure gauges come in a variety of sizes, especially manual ones. The size of the pressure gauge solely depends on the work you are looking to accomplish with it. However, many technicians recommend going for a gauge of larger size because of its ability to give out more exact readings and can easily be seen even from a far distance, especially if the technicians cannot get close to the gauge.


The media and ambient temperatures determine the wetted parts of the pressure gauge. The material of the wetted parts usually is stainless steel, brass, etc. The liquid-filled gauge is the best option when the ambient pressure is low. Also, if the gauge is going to be used in an area with high media temperature, then the stainless steel pressure gauge is highly recommended.

A common mistake made by many people tend to go for the brass pressure gauge in high media temperature areas because they are cheaper, but this only backfires on them later on when the gauge fails since it is not able to withstand such temperatures.


So, where is the pressure gauge applicable? Some industries where the gauge can be used include gauges for drinking water applications, sanitary process gauges, gauges used in cryogenic gas tanks, gauges used in fire sprinklers, and more. So basically, the gauges are designed differently to cover different tasks. You can find out more about your preferred gauge on the manufacturer’s site.


This article is just an essential guide that comes in handy when purchasing a pressure gauge. You can be sure that if you have enough knowledge of the pressure gauge, chances are you will land the perfect device.

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