How to choose the right patio furniture

Whether you only have a small balcony or a large outdoor space, patio furniture is very important for a great summer. If they are beautiful, functional and well suited to the space; they will simply make us want to spend more time outdoors! So here’s a quick guide to what to consider, for those who have a new home to furnish or for whom it’s time to replace old patio furniture!

Make a list of our desires

The first step before choosing the outdoor patio furniture is to determine what you plan to perform outside. If you don’t have space or budget constraints (which let’s say is quite rare!), you can obviously afford complete exterior sets, but most of the time, you have to prioritize. If your modern outdoor patio furniture is well-made and well maintained, it can last for generations.

  • So do we want to use the space for?
  • Eat with the family
  • Invite several people to eat
  • Sunbathe
  • Read or relax
  • Invite people for a drink or something else?

Of course, a table often comes across as a patio essential, but it doesn’t have to be! A couple (or a single person) who just wants to get some fresh air and entertain a few people for an occasional aperitif may just not need it.

Think in terms of vertical surfaces

It is very important to try on patio modern outdoor patio furniture in the store, to make sure that it is comfortable enough to want to spend a little (or a lot of time) in it. The chairs, armchairs, and cushioned benches are obviously a greater pledge of comfort also to consider? Does the table appear to be the right height for the chairs? Can the chairs be slid under the table to save space or have the arms blocked?

When it comes to quality… it’s important, especially when you think that furniture will have to last for several years, be exposed to the elements, and in some cases spend the winter outside. Inexpensive plastic patio furniture will not stand up to direct sunlight and rain for long, and will need to be changed quickly. They do not, therefore, constitute an economy!

The accessories

Patio umbrella: shade for everyone

In the same way that the size of your terrace or your garden will be taken into account in the choice of your parasol, the number of people for whom it is intended is also not to be neglected. Do you want patio umbrellas for lazy afternoons for your little family? Are you looking above all for a large garden parasol for pool parties? The important thing is that everyone has their place in the shade! Knowing that it is of course possible to combine several parasols here are a few examples: the Venice ecru parasol is perfect for large families. It is a double parasol measuring 2.7 by 4.6 meters. It goes wonderfully with a garden bench seat in woven resin. You can then lie down and enjoy your shade during nap time or at the time of the aperitif. The Venice and its elegant design, with its polyester canvas, are easy to handle thanks to its crank system. As for the Palatino, it is a magnificent offset parasol measuring 3 by 3 meters. Rotating 360 degrees, it is perfect for small spaces. With its aluminum structure, it is as reliable as it is resistant. Nothing scares him neither the blazing sun nor the small summer showers.

Buy furniture with more than one function

Whether you decide to invest in a large table or not, you must not forget the vertical surfaces! Whether it’s small side tables, a chest, an ottoman, or whatever (there are many creative solutions out there), any patio or outdoor space needs at least one, and more if possible. Outside, you absolutely have to have room to put your book, your glass, your plate, a bottle or a pitcher, a plant, etc.

Focus on comfort and quality

It’s just smart: some pieces of furniture with different functions save costs and space! For example, as we can think of a table with an extension or with a folding pan, which accommodates a few large summer dinners, without conceding up too much space the rest of the time. A desk or ottoman that offers some storage is also very practical, for storing things like cushions, placemats, and many more.

The materials

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Wrought iron: Gives a classic and trendy look, heavy enough to handle the wind is more difficult to move. It is best to store this furniture indoors for the winter, to minimize rust.
  • Aluminum: A material that is used more and more, which in addition to being light and durable is resistant to rust must often be combined with cushions for more comfort.
  • Wood: Wood is very beautiful and usually durable, but you have to know what type of wood you choose and how to take care of it. Some types of wood like teak will last for many years without the need for special treatment, while others need to be oiled or varnished every year. To avoid for the outside: the wood having been glued.
  • Plastic and PVC: These materials are usually inexpensive, lightweight and don’t require a lot of maintenance, but will last less than other options.
  • Rattan: Contrary to what you might think rattan can be made from natural OR synthetic materials. Synthetic rattan should be preferred for the exterior; it offers an interesting texture, is resistant to bad weather, and requires little or no maintenance. Offered in both traditional and contemporary styles, this material is also used in combination with cushions.
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