How to choose the right colored shoes for your clothes

When it comes to fashion choice, women encounter many problems while choosing shoes. Vybe shoes have many shoe types to explore. Each shoe type has a unique history, identity, and function to serve. There is high confusion on which shoe to wear that will match your outfit. In this quick and easy guide, you will be able to match your shoes to your ensemble. Natural shoes like white and black are beautiful when matched with any shade that you can afford. Things are tricky when you need to choose a pair of colored heels. Neutral shade clothes pair well with many shoes of different colors. Which shoes will match the outfit that you have?

Blue shoes

For blue shoes, wear any white, yellow or brown outfits. The dark blue shades are perfect alternatives to a black outfit. They add color but very subtly. Please don’t ever try to tone on tone match for blue shoes, especially in pastel shades.

Pink shoes

For pink shoes, they match well with purple, pastels, or white attire. Pink is a color trend that emerged in the spring 2014 catwalks. The pink shoes will lend a feminine and soft touch to your look and marry the vibe that you are projecting. Please don’t wear the exact shade of pink shoes exactly like your clothes on these shoes. Do this only if you wish to resemble the Spice Girls.

The red shoes

The red color symbolizes love, leadership, vigor, romance, passion, danger, among others. You will bring enthusiasm to casual wear with red shoes. The red shades are sizzling for evening wears. It’s advisable to wear red shoes with pink, neutral shades and navy-blue clothes to up your fashion. If you wear red shoes with anything racy, then you will look untidy.

Orange shoes

You need to wear orange shoes with red, yellow, white, blue and any earthy color clothes. The perfect combination for orange shoes on your feet is anything in an earthy tone like beige or tan. An earthy tone will pop up the orange color. Orange shoes don’t match well with orange or green clothes. If you wear such, then it’s a big fashion faux pas.

The metallic shoes

The metallic shoes are the biggest footwear colors trending in 2021. The famous ones are the green and the blue metallic, silver and gold shoes, and iridescent hues. For metallic shoes, wear white, red, black, purple, blue, and emerald green. When wearing metallic shoes, don’t use attire with bold prints so that your shoes can shine well.

Yellow shoes

The ramps make yellow shoes hot. These shoes are the easiest to incorporate into your look. You will have a chalky look if you are fair-skinned and wear bright colors. The yellow shoes are good for green, monochrome, and blue outfits. These shoes aren’t perfect to combine with purple outfits. Please don’t try this combination.


In trying to match your footwear with your outfit, apply the visual grouping. It will help you decide the type of shoe color to wear with your dress and skirt.

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