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How to Choose the Perfect Floor Tiles: Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to floor tiles, there are a lot of options. So many that it can be overwhelming and stressful trying to choose the perfect tile for your home or business. Don’t worry! This blog post is here to help you with all your flooring needs! We will go over everything from the different types of tiles available on the market today, how much you should expect to spend on each type, and how to determine what kind of tile would work best in your home or business. 

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The first step in planning to buy floor tiles is to decide what kind of material you would like them to be made out of. There are so many options when it comes to tile materials, but here I will share just a few with pictures and details about each. These include ceramic, porcelain, vinyl/resilient flooring, natural stone (including travertine), engineered hardwood & bamboo floors.

Let’s start off by discussing ceramic or porcelain tiles; these types can come glazed or unglazed which makes for an interesting choice! Glaze means that there has been something added over the top layer while unglazed indicates no extra layers at all- this leaves room for creativity because you pick your own color scheme. Ceramic tiles are very durable and easy to clean, they can also be made into any shape or size you need (within reason).

Porcelain is a material similar to ceramic but it’s actually slightly stronger- so if your tile will have heavy traffic these are the better option than their counterparts! They are more expensive though, so this might not always work for everyone. Porcelain flooring is great because it has no pores which help with moisture issues in some cases. However there are still things that could potentially damage them including acids, alkaline materials, chemicals & solvents among others. So keep that in mind when choosing porcelain as your new floor covering! 

Natural stone floors include travertine, marble, or granite. These are very beautiful flooring options that offer style and sophistication to your home or business space! The downside is they can be quite pricey because of their rarity and quality- but the right person will love it regardless. They come in a wide variety of colors (including white) which makes them great for any room on your property and I bet you could find one with pink tiles if you really wanted to!

One more natural stone floor option that we want to mention is engineered hardwood floors; these kinds of wooden planks mimic real wood very closely including the texture & appearance as well as all of its benefits such as durability, resistance against dents/scratches among others. However, this type doesn’t hold up well against water damage so I would recommend having a waterproofing sealant applied to it before installation.

Lastly we have bamboo flooring, this option is beautiful and very luxurious feeling however there are some concerns about its durability- one blogger said that they lasted only three years. That’s quite short compared to other materials! So you’ll need to decide if the cost of upkeep will be worth not having your tile last as long as others do. 

Once you’ve decided on what kind of material you’d like use for your tiles now comes time to choose colors & styles! There are so many options available today that shopping can be hectic but here are just a few suggestions:

– large white tiles look in modern style homes/businesses

– black and white tiles would look great in a kitchen or bathroom space!

– marble flooring with mosaic patterns looks stunning in bathrooms/kitchens. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the materials available for you to choose from, but it should give you a good idea of what kinds are out there & help you narrow down your search. Of course, feel free to ask us questions about any material that isn’t listed here because we’re always happy to answer them when possible! Now let’s recap everything one more time: – ceramic or porcelain? Find out which tile types will be best suited for your needs. – glazed vs unglazed options provide lots of creative freedom while also giving different strengths/weaknesses. – natural stone tiles are elegant but potentially pricey to upkeep & install.

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