How to Choose the Best Proxy Service, Provider

Nowadays more and more people use proxies, after having said that, there are still a lot of relevant questions surrounding this topic, and one of the most important being, what points need to be considered when choosing a reliable proxy provider like thepirateproxybay. As you all know that the proxy acts as an efficient intermediary or a layer, which accepts and sends requests from both the remote host and the user. This makes sure to protect the user’s confidential info, his/her anonymity in the network, simply hiding the real IP address, and this results in bypassing maximum existing locks.

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the best proxy service provider:

  • Size of the IP pool of the provider

If your project needs the use of a proxy from a particular location, it is better always with a reputable provider which has a bigger IP pool. Mostly, if a company possesses more proxies, it could provide city and country-level targeting. In addition to this, having a bigger IP pool comes along with a smaller number of IP blocks.

If you talk of the coverage of geo-location, residential proxy providers often provide a huge variety of locations. When you require in less popular countries, you must get a list of all supported cities and countries always before you make any purchases.

You must remember that a list of all supported countries on the website of the provider does not mean necessarily that you would be able to choose a required location. A few smaller service providers do not allow customers to choose the proxy location and assign it randomly.

  • Purchase proxies from legitimate businesses only

It is quite obvious that you all don’t take stress, but remember never buy proxies from any random sellers on the internet. Always make sure that the proxy provider is a legitimate company like, as they have a legal entity, they would be completely responsible for any legal problems you can encounter while you use proxies.

In case, if you are not too sure whether a particular service provider is legit or not, go through their reviews, and check what other frequent proxy users talk about them.

  • Consider the scope of your project

When it comes to comparing various proxy providers, most things depend on your unique project. That is the reason why a few experts, who write reviews on reputable proxy services, choose to read a bunch of various factors. This is the best way you could hand-pick criteria that fit your requirement. For e.g. when you plan to use proxies for buying limited-edition shoes, basically speed is the only important factor. Though, when you want to make use of proxies for accessing geo-blocked content, the actual size of the IP pool’s service provider would be most crucial.

  • Look carefully at the dashboard

In the absence of a dashboard, you would be at risk of wasting money and time. Being in a position for changing your credentials, buying more proxies or watching your usage statistics without contacting customer support, thus gives you the benefit of any proxy service provider.

Remember that different additional dashboards will feature extra value to the services offered, but yes, they could increase the cost as well. Even a few providers which use IPs as the primary authorization method increase the cost of the proxies if a user wants to have more than a single whitelisted IP.

  • Check the cost factor

The next important factor is pricing. Most shared proxies are often cheaper than dedicated or semi-dedicated ones. So, when you stumble unrealistic cheap dedicated proxies, ensure it is not because they are shared ones actually.

When you consider pricing, many residential proxy service providers charge per GB. If the more traffic goes via proxies, the more users need to pay. If a proxy provider offers unlimited traffic, it can mean that proxies could be unstable and slow too. You could expect many server errors and timeouts. However, if there is something that could deal with or if fast speed is not an issue, still you could use unlimited traffic proxies as they are generally less costly.

If you are searching for an authentic and reliable proxy service provider, choose thepirateproxybay. They offer the best and most relevant content to millions of users all around the world.

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