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How to Choose the Best Lighting For Your Home

Lighting is an important element of both interior and exterior. Even though many people regard it secondary when they design their home, lighting can dictate different moods, emotions, and the overall atmosphere of a room. It is vital to know the feel you want to achieve with a particular area of your home and choose adequate lighting.

Depending on how much natural light you get every year it is crucial to arrange your home lighting accordingly to be able to use as much natural light accompanied by well placed Floating light bulb. I wanted to know more on how to arrange it correctly inside my home so I asked LF Illumination for help and here’s what you should take into consideration:

Types Of Lighting

Depending on the purpose of the room, or more precisely, type of activities you plan to have there, you need to choose the corresponding light source. With that in mind, indoor lighting can be divided in a few categories: ambient, task and accent.


Nothing too complicated here, this type is used to achieve visibility without any need to perform some specific tasks which would require stronger lighting. This type is also used to create a natural and calm atmosphere with the purpose to support relaxing in the afternoon and evening and it is not supposed to be too bright. It should imitate natural light and is usually used in the living room and bedroom.


As the world suggests, this type is used to help perform various tasks at home. Be it cooking, or any manual labor that requires good visibility for detailed analysis. This type is used to provide strong lighting in a smaller area without interrupting the rest of the home. Kitchen, working room and a garage (if used for hobbies) is where people usually put task lighting.


This type has a purely artistic feel and is used to add emphasis to an existing object inside your home to which you’d like to add more appeal. You can also use it to change the atmosphere of a room or invoke certain emotions. As simple as it sounds, light can help create a range of different feelings as you go from room to room.

Types Of Fixtures

There’s also a number of different fixtures you can use: surface, pendant, track, recess, etc.

Surface lighting is visible and it is generally used to provide light in hallways, bedrooms, and spaces where practicality wins over aesthetics.

Pendant lighting is what you can usually see hanging from high ceilings from a chain or cord. It also fulfills a decorative role and therefore it is usually found in dining rooms, kitchens or living rooms.

Recessed lighting is hidden in cavities suitable enough to cast light on a desired area, yet remain unseen. This type of light can be both atmospheric and practical, depending on location and brightness, the only thing to be considered is the aesthetics since you want your home to have a variety of sources.

Track lighting provides flexibility in terms of allocation and the amount of bulbs. It can hang from the ceiling, but it can also be fixed on a wall. The fun part about track lighting is that you can choose how much light you want as every bulb is manipulated separately, and you can also choose the volume.

Light Temperature

Another aspect to consider is also the temperature, meaning that you can choose from warm, neutral and cool. This angle expands the options to a new level, and adds more diversity in terms of moods you want to establish in every room of your home. You can visit this site to know about

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