How to choose a wedding photography package?

In order to make the ceremony a pleasant memory for many years, it is important to organize high-quality shooting. Now hundreds of photographers and videographers offer their services. Thanks to the variety of options available, you can choose professionals who will help you create unforgettable pics.

The work of specialists involves a whole series of pictures. They will help convey all your feelings and emotions on your wedding day.

What’s included in a wedding photography package?

There are various packages of service. Of course, the higher the cost, the more options you get. The basic wedding photography package includes payment for shooting time and subsequent retouching. More advanced options provide customers with printed photos. In addition, you will be helped to choose locations, images, roles. This will make the shots more unusual.

Most of the available packages are a certain number of hours of shooting (the more hours, the higher the price) and further processing. Don’t forget that a photo session usually lasts continuously, so you need to plan it in order to use your time rationally.

It’s necessary to take care of the print release

Some people might think that printed images are something from the past. However, those pictures will help you return to the most touching and important moments of your ceremony in the future. Printed photos are perceived in a completely different way. It’s something you can touch.

Now the quality of such images is very high. A lot of wedding photography packages include image development. In most cases, there are as many as 10 images. You can put them in an album and look at them together with your family and friends in the future. If this service isn’t available, order it separately, as it will give you a totally different impression of the frames.

How many hours of wedding photography coverage you may need?

It’s important that the shooting process is long. A wedding is a life-changing event that many people experience only once in a lifetime. Therefore, the optimal duration will be 10 hours. This will help capture both the ceremony itself and the banquet and celebration as a whole. Most often, however, the wedding photographers packages that you can order at last around 8 hours. It is enough to record the process of preparation, as well as all stages of the celebration.

The price of basic wedding photography package

Wedding package pricing varies from $2,000 to $5,000. The extensive package means video, photo printing, and a variety of additional options.

Making the right choice will save you money

To save money, you can use a number of tips. For example:

  • order a short photo session, which will last 5-6 hours;
  • pre-plan all the images and locations;
  • choose a package with a printed release.

Thanks to this, you can get first-class results without overpaying.

Take your best wedding photos with Vanilla Brides

At Vanilla Brides, we are ready to create the most comfortable conditions for our clients. You will get images that will make you happy and help to express all the emotions of the solemn atmosphere.

Professional photographers will choose the best angles to fully express your feelings. With a low cost of services, the result will be stunning.

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