How to Choose a Pipe for Beginners – What Should I Look for in a Smoke Shop?

Finding the perfect pipe if you’ve smoked cannabis or tobacco for a long time is usually as simple as ‘pick and pay.’ But as someone just picking up on the hobby, it can be a little confusing.

A simple internet search for pipes will give you hundreds of options. There’s literally every color, size, shape, and price, and unless you know what to look for, deciding on one may present a big dilemma.

So, here’s a beginner’s guide to help you find the right pipe the next time you visit a smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe.

1. Consider the Material

A pipe’s primary material affects everything from the smoking experience it gives you to how often you’re going to clean it and its longevity. Most smoking pipes are commonly made of briarwood, as it’s usually durable, stylish, heat-resistant, and flavorful.

But you can find smoking pipes in other materials like glass, plastic, clay, corncob, and meerschaum. Remember, a pipe’s material will directly affect the price as well. Don’t expect to spend a lot on plastic and corncob pipes, but meerschaum pipes can be quite expensive.

2. Go for Practicality When Choosing Size and Design

Smoking pipes are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. They differ from long to short, straight or bent, or rustic and smooth. You’ll most definitely be spoilt for choice. But, for the best experience, it’s best to prioritize functionality.

You want a pipe that’s easy to hold in your hand. So, go for a light, moderate-sized pipe. Beware of faulty designs like misaligned parts, metal filters, or a too tiny chamber.

3. Pick a Pipe You Can Clean Easily

Resin accumulates in smoke pipes, affecting the flavor, aroma, and integrity of your tobacco or cannabis. Besides, resin deposits in the pipe can undermine the airflow.

For these reasons, pick a pipe that is easy to keep clean. Glass, plastic, and wood pipes all have different cleaning approaches, so go for those you are comfortable with. Bear in mind that smaller pipes with sophisticated parts can be challenging to clean, given tiny holes and design.

Good and frequent cleaning will keep your pipe working efficiently at all times.

4. Compare the Quality of Pipes at the Smoke Shop

Thin and poorly made glass pipes will often break more easily than high-quality, well-crafted smoke pipes. Likewise, cheap wood, metal, or plastic pipes tend to disintegrate or affect the flavor of your tobacco or cannabis.

If you’re looking for better and longer service, consider purchasing well-cured briarwood or annealed borosilicate glass pipes.

Choose the Best Pipe to Have a Great Smoking Experience

Pipe manufacturers use different finishes on their products. While most of these finishes will not affect the pipe, try and stay away from varnished pipes since they are likely to bubble or flake. Even so, you can still find some great pipes with varnished finishes that provide a good user experience.

Follow these tips if you want a pleasant and effortless time smoking your pipe. And remember, you have better luck finding a good quality pipe at a proper smoking store instead of a gas station.

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