How to choose a lightsaber which is perfect for you?

Lightsabers are not just star war tool but they are the representative of the user. They tell the preferences of the individual and give a strong personal meaning depending on the colour he chooses for himself. There are different lightsaber colors to choose from as every colour conveys a different meaning. Let us see how you can choose a perfect star war sword for yourself:

Choose the blade size wisely:

When you are in the market to buy a Star Wars sword, you should keep the prospect of holding it in your hand in mind.  The blade size of the sword should be well-balanced in size. It means, the blade of the sword should neither be too long or too small for the user. If you are buying it for your child, know which size of the sword should be suitable for him. This way, he will be able to enjoy playing with the sword.

Consider the weight:

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration when you are going to buy a saber is its weight. When the saber is too heavy, obviously it will not be easy to lift and play with. In general, the weight of the saber should be within a few grams. The heavy weight saber not only causes injury and stress in the shoulder but also makes the game less fun for the player and do purchase a perfect light saber for you.

Choose the colour that suits your personality:

Different colours in which sabers are lit up is another important factor one can never ignore. Every colour has its own charm and depicts the personality of the person who owns it. For instance, purple saber often belongs to the Jedi master Mace Windu which is a strong character of Star Wars. This colour reminds everyone of a fierce warrior and those who want to be a fierce warrior can opt for purple sword.

Be realistic:

It is important to remember that Star Wars is a fictional telefilm that doesn’t have anything to do with reality. If you are trying to be close to reality, take every part of the Star Wars as a fictional thing and don’t expect sabers to behave like actual Star Wars sabers. Lightsabers are also fictional swords that are not for people who want them to work the same way in real life as they work in the film. They can only simulate the lightsaber used in Star Wars. For instance, the beam of the sword doesn’t cut materials as it does in Star Wars.


Lightsabers are kids’ favorite toys to play with. They give off a colored beam of light that pleases kids a lot. These swords vary in price. You can choose the price that suits you the most. Remember that it is not mandatory for you to choose sabers which light up. You can also buy swords without any light depending on what you like.

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