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How to Change your regular Keyboard with Bangla keyboard on Your Android Phone

Smartphones are essential in the ever-moving generation of people that inhabit the planet today. It can be used for applications that need no introduction. These act as a bridge between regional gaps by supporting various regional languages.

Bangla is a widely spoken language in the country. Bangla users require language support to use Bangla in Smartphone applications. Also, many Bangla Users don’t find the standard keyboard design appealing and want to install a third-party keyboard app instead. Many of the population needs a guide to activate a third-party keyboard on their devices.

Bharat Keyboard presents the Bengali Keyboard app with the best Bengali Stickers, available on Google Play Store. With a wide variety of features and a smooth User Interface, this is one of the fastest regional language keyboards. This is a detailed guide to install and activate the Bangla Keyboard App on your Android Device. The steps might vary for different Operating Systems and versions, but most Android Smartphones will require the same steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Install the keyboard.

The first thing that needs to be done for installing the Bangla Keyboard on your Android Device is to open the Google Play Store. Once the home screen loads up completely, search for Bangla Keyboard and Stickers using the search bar at the top of the home screen. Identify the application amongst the search results produced, and tap on it to view the application.

On loading, view the application on the Play Store. Scroll down on the app page to learn more about this keyboard app. Details like the number of downloads, reviews, app ratings, app size, and app description are displayed on this page.

Next, click on ‘Install’ to start downloading and installing this keyboard. Once the download is complete and the screen displays ‘Open’ instead of ‘Install,’ follow the next step.

Step 2: Setting up the Keyboard as the default keyboard

After installing the Bangla keyboard, we now want to set it as the default keyboard because we will use it frequently. It will be inconvenient to switch from the original keyboard to this keyboard every time we need to use it. To do that, first, open the settings of your smartphone.

Tap on the System option. Various system settings will be shown. Amongst those, choose the Languages and Input option. When the Languages & Input section opens up, select the On-Screen Keyboard option. There, open the Manage Keyboards menu.

A list of all available keyboard apps will be displayed after this. The Bengali Keyboard app online should also be visible in this list. Switch the toggle besides this option ON. This will make the Bangla Keyboard App available for use when required.

As soon as you try to switch the toggle on, a popup warning appears. It says that the app can collect all information you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers.

The Bangla Keyboard is a highly reliable app. It only collects some anonymous data for enhanced statistics for the developers. Each word that is not there in the preloaded dictionary is saved to a dictionary stored locally in the smartphone memory. This shows that it is trustworthy. Thus, we can continue and click on OK.

Now, open any application that requires a keyboard for its functions. When the keyboard loads up, observe the keyboard icon on the bottom-right corner of the keyboard. Click on that icon. A list of available keyboards loads up, with one already selected. This is the keyboard you are currently using. You want to switch to a Bangla Keyboard, so choose ‘Bangla Keyboard and Stickers.’ Your newly downloaded Bangla Keyboard is activated, and the setup is complete.

Step 3: Switching Keyboards

With the new keyboard installed, you could switch between keyboards when you type, as and when required. The process might be different for each device, but it’s still easy enough to do. Select the keyboard icon we used in the previous step, and choose another keyboard from the displayed options. The keyboard will be changed. 

Happy Typing!

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