How to Be a Graphic Designer in Egypt

What do you need to be a Graphic Designer in Egypt? First of all, you need to have a strong command of Hieroglyphics. This ancient art form is still used in many places today, including Egypt. In fact, Egypt is one of the oldest countries in the world. The country also boasts a thriving and vibrant graphic design scene. So, what does Farida Eltigi do?

Farida Eltigi is a graphic designer egypt

Egyptian born and trained, Farida Eltigi is a designer and illustrator who graduated from Central Saint Martins, UAL, in 2021. Her illustrations explore culture and identity, as well as the interaction between the individual and their surroundings. The series features interviews with young Egyptian artists, filmmakers, and start-ups. The exhibition aims to bring together the best of Egyptian art, design, and culture.

Nubian culture is inspired by the landscape of the Nile, palm trees, mountains, and desert. In her graphic design work, Eltigi seeks to highlight the experiences of underrepresented people, while reinterpreting history. Her research began with the underrepresentation and treatment of Black Egyptians. She discovered the Nubian people, an ethnic group of Black people in Egypt and Sudan who had been displaced for 50 years.

Inspired by nature, Eltigi has used a limited palette of colours to convey the traditional beauty of Nubian culture. Her images also incorporate numerous visual references to represent Nubian traditions. Eltigi’s style is a perfect example of creativity in design. While many people may not be familiar with the artist, she is a true inspiration. And if you are interested in learning more about Egypt’s rich cultural history, this is an excellent place to start.


When you work with Egyptian hieroglyphs as a graphic designer, you’ll be using the same alphabet as your Egyptian counterparts. Hieroglyphs are figurative symbols that represent abstract or real elements. They can be stylized or simplified, and can be read either in a semantic or phonetic way. Decisive hieroglyphs were not read as phonograms; they were merely separate symbols that helped the Egyptians in understanding language. The non-determinative forms, on the other hand, were used to illustrate concepts or images. While not as precise as the determinative type, these symbols were used extensively on public buildings and manuscripts, but they did not lose their informative purpose.

Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphic writing on monuments. The ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to sign their monuments, and the term was later applied to the writing of other civilizations. In the ancient world, hieroglyphics were used to sign monuments, including tombs, gravestones, and statues. Today, the writing style is a form of picture symbols. It’s easy to see why hieroglyphics are so widely used as a graphic designer’s toolkit.

The use of hieroglyphics was so widespread in ancient Egypt that the art of graphic design was developed to reflect that culture. It was a way to express themselves to a wider audience and to express an idea more clearly. Hieroglyphics were the perfect tool for graphic designers as they provide data to work with. This ancient art style allows graphic designers to create striking, consistent compositions that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Ancient Egyptian graphic designers used a grid system and strict ratios to create compositions. The ancient Egyptians called the artwork “true” because it was meant to represent natural proportions. Similarly, ancient Egyptian graphic designers used grids to line up sculpture. This evidence is still visible in unfinished relief sculpture and in paintings. The grids can be revealed with paint. The ancient Egyptians understood that images could have eternal features.

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