How to add different signatures for Microsoft 365 emails using Sigsync?

With more and more businesses transitioning to Exchange online, Office 365 email signatures are becoming increasingly vital for your company’s professional branding. An email signature is a block of text that appears at the bottom of the message at the end of the communication. It includes your contact information, such as your name, job title, phone number, and email address, as well as the company logo, social network icons that lead to official corporate pages, a disclaimer, and a banner, among other things. In business communications, an email signature acts as a virtual business card and conveys professionalism. An email signature can promote almost anything, including a business, a website, a blog, or a book. When properly designed, it can even aid in marketing and attracting customers to visit your website or perform specific actions. These elements, in addition to being useful, informative, and visually appealing, reveal a lot about the sender and the company from which they are sent.

Inserting email signature with Office 365 native solutions

The native Office 365 solution is the default method for configuring email signatures for Office 365 emails. Signatures in Office 365 can be added via Outlook on desktop or the Outlook Web Application (OWA) from the Exchange admin centre (EAC). However, as we will see later, native methods Use Signtaure Gnerator numerous limitations.

Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365

When you use Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365, your signature will be attached directly beneath the most recent reply on every Office 365 email you send. Email signatures for new emails can include complete contact information for you and your company, as well as links, social media icons, logos, and images. You do not, however, have to use a full-detail signature every time you reply to a message in the same email thread. By using a different template you can create a simplified version of your company’s signature and keep your email relevant and light for subsequent conversations. Sigsync provides HTML signatures with a variety of professional templates that can be easily used without the need for advanced coding skills.

Limitations of native methods of adding email signatures

Native methods lack the advanced functionality provided by Sigsync. It is impossible to test different designs of signatures on the fly. Email replies or the latest forwarded email do not contain signatures. Signatures added via Outlook’s native method are sometimes not displayed correctly on various devices, such as smartphones. When certain AD fields are not filled, some users’ contact information contains blank fields or ghost entries. Images in the email are inserted as attachments into pages rather than embedding them within the page, which increases the size of the message. There is no option for centralized management of signature templates, and it also lacks the scheduling feature for adding email signatures during a specific time period. One of the most significant limitations of the native method is that disclaimers cannot be previewed while adding signatures, which can be crucial for legal compliance.

Sigsync, a one-stop solution to overcome the above limitations

Sigsync, as previously stated, supports HTML signatures and can attach a signature to every reply and forwarded email. Based on information from Azure AD, the email signature is automatically added. Sigsync allows you to add branded logos for your entire organisation and preview the email signature before attaching it. You can effortlessly add different email signatures to new and subsequent emails, and it includes a scheduling feature for adding bannered signatures during specific time periods such as holidays, promotions, and events. Signatures can be added and managed centrally from any device or email client since it is a web-based service. Sigsync ensures that your emails are legally compliant by making it easy to add and manage disclaimers for your entire organization, giving you peace of mind.

How to add a signature to a new email and subsequent ones using Sigsync

One of Sigync’s appealing features is its ability to add different signatures to subsequent emails based on your needs. On the Signature rules page, you can choose a different template for subsequent mails, which is useful if you need to include a toned-down version of an email signature in subsequent email conversations.


You can also create a signature suitable for your needs by selecting from a wide range of template options provided by Sigsync, as well as modify an existing signature or create a brand new one from scratch. The signature generator from Sigsync includes a number of useful features. More information about Signature Generator can be found here

Sigsync is a feature packed, cost effective and secure email signature solution

Sigsync is a highly secure email signature service that is worth the value for money. It offers plenty of features that are absent in native solutions for adding signatures. It is one of the highly recommended email signature solutions for professionals because it simplifies email communication and marketing. You can request a free live demo or use the free trial version to test out the features. Furthermore, Sigsync offers exciting discounts of up to 90% and provides technical support to assist you in your journey with the product.


Native solutions for email signature creation are untrustworthy as they necessitate technical knowledge and must be configured in accordance with transport rules. Furthermore, it has a number of drawbacks and lacks extensive features for professional requirements. Sigsync is Microsoft preferred highly secure Office 365 email signature software with which you can create and customize the required email signature using its flexible, drag-and-drop signature generator. It is straightforward to use without requiring HTML skills.  Its notable features, such as the ability to schedule signatures for specific events or even add different signatures for subsequent emails, make it the best tool for email signatures.

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